Wednesday 3 April 2013

Progress, and a Christmas Plug........

April and here I am thinking of Christmas - not really. It's just that when I was doing my March round up I totally forgot about my sample for my Christmas in August workshop.
This year we will be making a festive cushion with the help of Gordon, my Accuquilt Go, to make the applique shapes.
I wanted to make my cushion a bit more subtle & modern Christmas, and must have pulled it off as darling daughter has claimed for her own, come December!
The reindeer, two different snowflakes and the sleigh all came as part of my latest Accuquilt die. I added the parcels.
I took my new, favourite approach to making this cushion. First I quilted up a length of background fabric that was big enough to wrap around the pad, with an overlap.
Then I added the applique to the quilted piece.I then bound the short end and sewed top & bottom.
On the back of the cushion I added a runaway reindeer and some fallen parcels, just for fun.
I still have spaces on this workshop - Sunday 18th August here in Ayr. Email me if you are interested.

Today, the sun has shone constantly, we have blue skies but the temperature is still low. However, with the feeling that it might not be long now until Spring, I managed to get out twice for a wee walk.
In between walks I made my blocks for Bee Bleessed, April. They are described as Starflower blocks.

I knew I had used this block before, indeed I had some nightmare memories about wanting to throw the quilt, and my machine into the wheelie bin.I just went off there to look for pics and could hardly believe that this quilt is made of such pretty blocks, mine was made as a wedding gift, was received very well and is still in use..but oh, how dull it looks now. The reason for my temper back then as I recall was my inability to quilt with 30 weight thread for any length of time without thread, or needle breaks. Got there eventually.
Bet you don't believe it's the same block..........
It really is.............
Anyway, as well as Judith's blocks, I finished the April Bee a Brit Stingy blocks for Di. These are very Orla Kiely and I really look forward to seeing them altogether, just need to do a siggy block and then they will be ready to post.
I also seem to be turning into a bit of a hand sewer..........but I'll keep that for another day!!


  1. Love that cushion! Very modern Christmas and like the tumbling presents! Your bee blocks are fab!

  2. I think your runaway reindeer needs a red nose :oD Appropriate for yet another day chipping ice off the windscreen (I've now run out of de-icer completely *sob*)

    Glad the blocks were better behaved this time :oD

  3. cute pillow Sheila....everything is fabulous

  4. Love that Christmas pillow/cushion.Good for a snooze after the pudding.
    And just had to pat your kitty cat on the side.... to listen to it purring again. Makes me smile every time!

  5. Well it still feels like Christmas weather, so not too out of season!!

    Great blocks xxx

  6. Gosh you're right, they don't look like the same block. I much prefer the more recent ones! I made a quilt in similar colours for my SIL. She loves it thankfully, because I hate it now!

  7. I love that cushion! Di's quilt is going to be amazing and your blocks are gorgeous!

  8. I can only let you away with mentioning the Christmas word because you are prepping samples for a class - lovely sample BTW. I can hardly believe that quilt is made from Starflower blocks - I was hard pressed to be able to tell!! The Bee Blessed blocks are lovely - thanks for those!

  9. As I comment it is actually snowing! Did I miss Spring and Summer has it gone straight to winter already?

    Cute cushion - very seasonal! And just shows what a difference colour makes to a block! Love the blocks for Di and I'm sure she will too!

  10. So interesting to see how different the blocks can look - I really had to stare to pick out the starflower. the wee reindeer are very cute. juliex

  11. I love that cushion, could be tempted by that space in the class if it is still available. Since you are just down the road from my parents!

  12. I like your cushion S. the bee blocks are lovely but the ones for me are super nice! Thank you. Di x



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