Friday, 5 July 2013

Fabric Fest

I promised I wouldn't go on about my holiday but I have had a couple of requests to see what fabric I might have picked up along the way, how could I refuse?
As well as our forays into JP Knit & Stitch and Sew Fresh Fabrics, Janet and I also stumbled upon (!!) Tumbleweed Quilts in Cape Cod. It was a traditional style of quilt shop but packed to the rafters with traditional and modern fabric - we had to sample a little.
We also made a couple of trips to Jo-Anns. In the past I would have agreed with comments that Jo-Ann fabric is not so top notch and I have seen "No JoAnn" in swap listings. However, I think they are upping their game because we found a pretty good stock of Kona Solids, and exclusive lines by Denise Schmidt and Susan Winget. I see from their website that they also stock Cloud 9 organic fabric and are listing all of these as their "premium ranges". By the time we visited, our suitcases were beginning to bulge so we settled for notions and just a wee bit of fabric. I also scored a new Accuquilt die at a special 25% off their normal price - it's a cute applique one that I think might have the seeds of a new workshop in the making.
Meanwhile...fabric.......I got a 1yd pack of the DS line which was marked into four fat 1/4s.

from JP Knit & Stitch, I got these next three pics' worth. They stocked a lot of organics.

and from Sew Fresh, some textured solids,

some Essex linens,

Echino - had to have it,

and a mix, lots of Cosmo Cricket, I have a plan,

and a wee bit of Heather Ross.

The next two lots are from Tumbleweed.

Before I left for hols I took advantage of an end of bale sale at Pink Castle and came home to find these waiting.......

and a few days later my Stash Club fabrics arrived, also from Pink Castle. Janet and I are sharing a half stack every month which eliminates the risk of having the VAT & PO charges added but is still good value.

I boldly cut into my pristine new fabric and made this embroidery folder from Ayumi's book for a  blog friend who has a big birthday today. I seem to have discovered orange, love working with it these days.

In other fabric news, I was fabric shopping in Glasgow yesterday with a friend and we found a huge haul of half priced designer cottons in John Lewis. most of it was £6.98 down from £14 per yard. Lots of Amy Butler and I spotted Flea Market Fancy. I just couldn't buy any, I don't think I'd have been allowed in the house.
But, I did sneak in a wee pack of Liberty patches, from Mandors. They have two pack sizes and my wee one was £4 for I think, 20 patches, it's very sweet.
Now then, I must concentrate on the tennis. 33 years ago today Allan and I married on Wimbledon Final day - it was the famous five setter Borg (swoon) / McEnroe match and won by Borg. We watched it before setting off in our old blue Beetle for three days in Devon. Things were simpler then...........
I got this today and I am not going to jinx anyone by saying when I would like to crack it open........

Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Did your hubby have to leave his clothes out of the case for the return flight home? Beautiful fabric haul.

    Happy Anniversary! 33 years is certainly worth celebrating.

  2. Fabulous haul and I adore your embroidery case! A very happy anniversary to you both :)

  3. Happy Anniversary to you both. Fabulous fabric haul

  4. Didn't buy much, did you! I so could have outspent you - just ask my DH! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and a very happy anniversary to you both. We will be married 46 years this year! I would have gotten less for murder.
    P xxx

  5. Happy Anniversary! You picked such lovely fabrics and the sewing case is a beautiful first make with them.

  6. Drooling over the Essex Linens...oh... and the greys, and of course the Embroidery Folder...and... and.. and... Happy Anniversary!

  7. for goodness sake open it at the start of the match!!!! you'll be wantin a stiffer drink by the end....
    lovely haul there too, bit green... especially for the ds!
    happy anniversary, and do enjoy tomorrow, dont just sit there fretting. x

  8. That is some fabric haul….I am now a bright shade of green!!!! Did you husband take any clothes on holiday? Happy Wedding Anniversary and continue to enjoy Wimbledon. Di x

  9. I love your new fabric - have fun admiring/using it! The sewing pouch is fabulous - love the pieces on the back, such a great idea! Enjoy the match - any sweeties for this one?!

  10. You certainly did your bit for UK/US trade relations there Sheila!

    Hope you enjoyed the champagne :)



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