Saturday 12 July 2014

.....and Future

A couple of years ago I introduced the ladies in my classes to the wonders of Aurifil threads. To expose them to the lovely threads I was buying it retail and re-selling, when a friend suggested I become a retailer myself.
all images shamelessly pinched from Aurifil website

So I took the plunge and did this more than a year ago selling at my classes and workshops.
I have hummed and hawed many a time about considering an online selling presence and this week decided to dip my toe in the water and try selling my threads through my Etsy shop.

In stock at the moment I have only large 1300m spools of 50wt threads available in quite a selection of colours, not quite the 252 available, maybe next year! My top selling colours are - white & black.

Sadly, due to our frankly bonkers UK postage rates, I am only shipping within the UK at the moment. One single spool of Aurifil is classed as a small parcel as it is too chubby to fit through the large letter slot in the P.O. I am offering slightly reduced shipping rates in an effort to be sensible. I do hope you will drop in to my shop and have a look.


  1. Nice idea. Postal rates are a little mad! Di x

  2. That is a great move! I don't think that venues for selling are a problem, for as long as you can amply manage your resource and keep constant tabs on your earnings and the costs. The bigger the operation gets, the more extensive would be the records, so you might as well be ready for that. Good luck!

    Clyde Hudson @ Stewart Technologies

  3. Good luck!
    P.S. I think Clyde has plans for your world domination ;o)

  4. Well done Clyde and you will make a great team - haha!



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