Wednesday 9 July 2014

My List for FAL Q3

As Q2 drew to a close, I was thinking I wouldn't have much for Q3. But having spent a bit, quite a lot of time sorting and tidying in my sewing room during June, I have managed to compile more than I anticipated.
Bodes well for success, hmmm.
So here goes:- (in order of age)

1. Quite old, 10yrs plus - my Debbie Mumm almanac. This has previously been layer up and quilted and unpicked so now back to quilt top status. Almost vintage now.

2. Advent Calendar for Ava - purchased before last Christmas, was reassured by daughter that GD was too young to understand the concept so breathed a sigh of relief during a busy time and put it aside. Must get it done for this year. All the pockets are made and need stitching onto the panel. I would like to enlarge it a little so need to find some border fabric.

3. This was a Foundation Pieced block that I downloaded from Quilting on the Square some time back.
I enjoyed making it with no particular project in mind. I've backed it bagging style with a fusible interfacing so it's now just ready to press on to a background and maybe make into a cushion?

4. Playing with Selvedges - I had a go at this way back last year, just for fun but think I would like to do something with it, mighht have to put my thinking cap on for this one.

5. This was a 2nd sample I started for a recent workshop - all pieced, it "just" needs quilting and turning into a cushion. Shown here with the backing pieces attached as I tend to quilt back and front of cushions nowadays.

6. This is my final pledge and over hopeful. At the moment it is most of 2 charm packs stitched into 4 patch blocks, and 4m of solid cream fabric. Together they will become a quilt that I have planned as a gift. It has lain a long time, really just need to pull the finger out and get on with it.

A meatier list than for Q2 and I am linking it to Katy at The Littlest Thistle.


  1. Good list! Looking forward to seeing what the selvedges become and you'll have the advent done in no time! Quilting a cushion like that is a revelation to me!! Genius!



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