Wednesday, 8 October 2014


So, for my 500th post I am highlighting my techie numptiness!

When I announced my recent giveaway I failed to remind folks that they might be "no-reply bloggers". This results in it being terribly difficult to make contact.

The winner of said giveaway was Ruth Griffeth who I have tried to contact via Google + where I have found a brief profile, she lives somewhere in California.

So, Ruth, I hope you read this - if so please contact me asap.

I shall wait until next Monday, same time, same place and then draw a new winner.

And for any of you who may be wondering click HERE to find out if you are a NO reply blogger, and how to remedy it.


  1. Is it rude to hope you don't hear from Ruth and I get another chance? ;-)

  2. I am as rude as Susan! But it should be clear that you either leave your email or be contactable (can you say that?)

  3. Och every quarter in the FAL I get a couple of people that fail to claim, even on redraws, I tell you, you can't give things away sometimes!



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