Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Going Large

Well I had hoped to post a bit more frequently but life is a bit hectic and I'll need to be satisfied with as and when I can manage.
I have a bit of time at the moment but as luck would have it, BT Mail is playing up and I am having trouble receiving emails  downloading attachments before my connection drops out. It is so frustrating as I have sent myself pics from my phone for this post. I'll concentrate on the words for now. (edit; it's taken most of the day on & off but have made it!)

So, January - managed a bit of sewing. I made a start on my Bee a Brit Stingy Row by Row quilt. The first row is for ourselves and I really liked the NY Beauty in one of my Pinterest pics. But I wanted to experiment a bit and drew up a square block inspired by the points of a NY Beauty. The trial block ended up in the bin - too many points coming together creating a big lumpy mess.
Take two - not too bad so I soldiered on and got my row completed.

I have asked my Bee mates for a basically black and white scheme with one extra colour of choice in each row, in each block. Background to be black or white in alternate rows and I am happy with greys being thrown into the mix. Funny to think I won't see this row back until about this time next year....

I have also been beavering away on my class quilt, quilting the four panels that will come together QAYG style to make a double version of my Modern Sampler quilt.
In an update to my last post regarding backing, I am regretting my choice of the Ikea duvet cover - it was cheap, it felt cheap and well, I just wish I had bought better stuff. It quilted fine, but I doubt it'll stand the test of time and when you consider the time and cost that goes into making a quilt top, it probably deserves something a bit better quality.
I should've known better...............

Yesterday I managed to make a whole quilt - it took me about an hour. Yes, you guessed - it's another for the Princess and the Pea project. I have been working on this wee project for over a year in a very relaxed manner. I want to make 20 little quilts to adorn an Ikea dollie's bed for Grand daughter Ava's 3rd birthday. The birthday is now only 6 weeks away so I need to pull out the proverbial finger now and finish them up - I think I have 3 to go. yesterday's was made quickly from slicing up a Heather Ross fat 1/4 and adding in strips of another fat 1/4 that I have been hoarding because I loved its colours. Not a lot of measuring took place and I bagged rather thank bound. Needs must. I will, I promise do a separate post to show all 20.

On Sunday, in Alloway Village Hall, directly opposite Robert Burn's Cottage, I held my first workshop of the year. It was 25th January, Burn's Birthday and I suppose we should have been taking part in the Haggis Hurling, but believe me, I think we were happier sewing. The workshop was one of my Accuquilt ones, using diecut animals to make a baby quilt.

The ladies had fun cutting,


                                                                 They made quite a mess,


                               Some got carried away and seemed to be planning a Safari Park,

Quilt tops were created,

And not a pink elephant in sight - just lilac giraffes.

                                                       Great fun was had by all.

                                              And finally, remember my Mega Pinnie?

Somebody always has to go one better - it really was more like a small pouffe, no end to the variations on a theme. Coffee mug in the pic is for scale, honest!!

Little & Large.


  1. Perrrrrfect fabric for the Princess and the Pea. cant wait to see the whole post.:)

    Hahaa! . . . That Mega Pinny on steroids should hide a few tools. Good luck with the workshops .. . . looks like everyone had fun with the Jungle theme.

  2. Lovely block for your row quilt. I think the row by row is a fun way to change up your bee for the year. Having a mega pinnie of my very own I cannot believe that someone made one even bigger!!

  3. I love to see what you have been up to. The class sounds fun and I am looking forward to the 20 Princess quilt post, what a lovely idea. The row quilt is going to be lovely.

  4. Way to go with the Princess and the Pea quilts Sheila! Looking forward to seeing them all soon.

  5. I'm disappointed that no one made a pink elephant! The animal crackers class sounds like lots of fun and I'm looking forward to seeing all the princess quilts!

  6. the Princess and the Pea quilt looks amazing I have a soon to be 6 Grand-daughter who would love that x

  7. Beautiful quilts!

    I'm running another fabric giveway, and you are welcome to enter!

  8. Love your first row Sheila, I am really looking forward to doing these!

  9. Love your first row Sheila, I am really looking forward to doing these!



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