Sunday 1 May 2016


April was a quick month - although I would normally have finished classes for the summer at this time of year, I am very conscious of the fact that I don't have projects to plan for the Autumn, unless they are's a bit weird, but I'm sure I'll get used to it.

I have spent a lot of time clearing out "stuff" in my sewing room although I must say the novelty of that has worn off a bit and there is much that could still be done, ............later.

I have been doing the BOM in Today's Quilter, by Jen Kingwell - I very much enjoyed making "My Small World", also one of her patterns, and developed quite a love for working with little scraps and pretty much throwing anything together - I know this is not for everybody but I rather like the scrappy, eclectic look.
So I caught up and completed all 8 (!) of April's blocks.

I have made all 8 but don't seem to have photos of them all. The blocks will finish at 6" x 7". I finished just as the May edition of Today's Quilter dropped on my doormat - and I see that there are another 8 blocks for this month.........sigh.

I like April, possibly because it's my birthday month. There was a time when I'd have hated a household item as a gift, but I have changed over the years and my family got together and got me this -

Cakes are possibly the last thing I should have in my life but hey, I don't have to eat them all do I?
I made these first......

and then I might have made myself a birthday cake - oh the time it took me to mould those carrots...(wink). My lovely daughter declared it "coffee shop quality" - I'll take that.

As a lovely finale to April, on Friday, I went with friends to the Knitting and Stitching Show, in Edinburgh, loads and loads of traders offering the usual temptations, not as many exhibits as I expected and lots of mini workshops which we did not realise would be there - next time we'll prepare ahead. I did go with the intentions of buying this kit, from Cool Crafting -

and I look forward to having a go at creating this sweet bunny.

And finally, this week, a friend lent me this book -

I have not read through in detail but I reckon it's a super book full of colour theory with practical projects to explain said theory. Sometimes I find the dedicated books on colour theory a little too much to absorb, but I think this is one you would return to again and again - my friend found it in The Works and told me they have a website - who knew? I always thought of them as the cheap bookshop on the High Street. This book is currently on sale at £4. They have several other quilting books available too. Worth a look.


  1. A Royal Blue One! (or Cobalt or Persian) You wont look back . . I love mine.
    I also love my dishwasher and my fridge - Weird.
    AND I love Luna . .cant wait to see her emerge. A great summer of crafting coming up for you!

  2. Hi Sheila!
    Brazillian greetings!
    Thanks a lot for your lovely pictures and for these little chronicles about your crafter life!
    I love the blogsphere because I have known (or read about) many lives around the world and realized that althought there is the local color we have many things in common.
    Thanks again!!

  3. Lovely birthday present - my mam keeps eyeing these up in Currys...



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