Monday 9 May 2016


Temperatures are soaring here in Ayrshire, not least mine as I battle with the technicalities of Facebook and setting up my wee online store - but I won't be defeated and will get where I want to be even if it takes ridiculous amounts of time.

So, thank you to all my well wishers on the Blog and on FB - I will continue to peddle my wares and when I do have command of all the rules I will offer special deals now and again.......

This morning was our Ayrshire Quilters' Coffee Morning and we continue to see high numbers of like minded ladies turning up to chat and show their beautiful work.

I am ashamed to say I rarely Show and Tell but today was different and I was able to show and hand over the Twiddle Muff that I knitted.

When my friends and I meet weekly for our Sewing Bee I don't often have hand sewing on the go. My knitting skills don't extend to chatting and following a pattern so this is the perfect project for me - straight knitting. These muffs are destined for patients suffering from dementia - they help keep restless hands busy and  the patients calm. If you want to read more have a look HERE.

I am often asked these days how I am enjoying retirement, what am I doing with my time, etc....well, it is amazing how the days pass in a flurry of normal life.

I did add a new skill to my repertoire last week when I was asked by my son to step in and do a bit of dog sitting as their dog walker was unavailable. Stu & Hawlie have recently moved from a City Centre apartment to a house in the 'burbs and their wee dog, Angus, is loving it. I coped admirably, playing ball with him in the garden - until my daft daughter kicked it over the 6' fence..........poor Angus. Here he is, in the same frame as Ava, on her scooter. Angus has never been happy with small wheeled objects such as suitcases or skateboards but he handled this intrusion very well.

And of course, I also fill in some of my time sewing although I am sure lots of you know that you don't always feel like it just because you have the time. However, one day last week I just wanted to sew! Nothing big, not even to continue on a current project, no, I just needed a wee sewing fix. So I made these Mugmats from some leftovers from another currrent piece of work. I finished them off today, mainly because my sewing room faces North and is the coolest room in the house at the moment - I am NOT complaining about the heat though.

And now, popping on my shopkeeper's hat, I can tell you that these mats are now available to purchase in my shop.
I hope the sun is shining for you too.


  1. You have been having some fabulous weather haven't you Sheila, looks like Angus and Ava have been making the most of it too!

  2. I thought Angus had a Bow tie on there for a minute!
    Gosh Ava is growing up being able to manoeuvre one of those thingies that id fall off straight away!
    Nice twiddly muff . . haven't seen those before....and I certainly can't knit and yak at the same time either!



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