Sunday 15 May 2016

Mid May Madness

I am feeling very happy today as Andy Murray beat Djokovic in Rome. So in a moment of madness I decided to offer a discount coupon across all items in my Shop

Spend £20 or more and receive a 20% discount - just use the coupon code MidMayMadness, one time only, and your discount will be applied. Valid now, until Friday 20th May at Midnight, UK time.

As far as sewing is concerned, I have managed a few tasks this week despite the weather being too good to stay indoors. Hard to believe we are now experiencing the second weekend of sunshine in a row.

I made a second spoon dolly for Ava - I was surprised how much she took to it considering the amount of "proper" Disney dolls she has.............I got the idea to make Merida HERE. And for the Merida purists out there, she has been to the hairdresser as she fancied a colour change - ok!!

Later in the week I set about giving some old director's chairs a facelift. I "inherited" these from my daughter a couple of years ago and have wanted to make them a bit cheerier for a while. I got the fabric from Croft Mill. I used to shop with them years ago when they operated by mail order with a paper catalogue. (Imagine!!) The style of writing always made me chuckle and I recognise it still in the fabric descriptions.

And finally, my daughter asked me last night if I had any little items suitable for a table sale - part of another event that will be held in Ayr soon to raise funds in Beth's name for Glasgow Childeren's Hospital Charity.

I made some of my stand-by coasters - (Tutorial here if you are interested)

I have some other ideas up my sleeve for quick makes.

I treated myself to these this week, from Aldi. Couldn't resist their patchwork look.

And yesterday we had a wee stroll around our local Burns Centre...........MidMayMadness indeed.

Hope you all have a good week - don't forget that coupon code!!


  1. Those chairs are very stylish now Sheila, long may your sunny weather continue :)

  2. The dolly looks like fun and the chairs look amazing!

  3. The dolly looks like fun and the chairs look amazing!

  4. Love all your makes . . but . . .
    Mid May Madness . . I didnt know you guys did outdoor chairs . . . . a bit wishful thinking surely :)

    1. They certainly do but dressed in Ugg boots and faux fur full length coats.



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