Sunday, 27 March 2011

Accidental Landscapes

Today I held an Accidental Landscapes workshop, based on Karen Eckmeier's excellent book - when I first held this workshop, last March, I had made sure I had permission from Karen, and she was happy for me to do it as long as my students purchased a pattern or copy of her book.............I am always very mindful of copyright and having spent many hours preparing handouts and instructions I know how disheartening it can be to have your efforts photocopied and distributed without thought.

So, today's workshop - the ladies were very industrious and although all the photos have been posted to flickr, I thought they deserved highlighting here.
                                          by Christine
                                           by Frances
                                                    by Helen
                                          by Isobel
                                               by Jane
                                           by Jenny
                                                     by Linda
                                          by Margaret W.
                                            by Moira
                                                     by Pat
                                              by Caryl
                                                by Alexis
                                                    by Theresa
                                                                       Fab, aren't they?


  1. they all look great...must have had fun too.

  2. These are awesome Sheila! A very well done to all your ladies. Jxo



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