Monday, 7 March 2011

and after a short break........

........remember this post? I finally picked out all that awful quilting and started again, this time with cotton wadding. And now it's done, finished the binding at the weekend.


The fabric is "Lollipop" by Sandy Gervias, for Moda - it's a brilliant range, you could make a kiddies quilt from it using the monkeys, there is a print with fish, or alphabets on, but there is also enough variety to make a more grown up quilt. We have nearly the full range available in the shop (Sew Materialistic, in Ayr) and the pattern I have used to make the above quilt is my own, "Lemon Squeezy" which is also available from the shop.It's a great pattern for beginners to make.


  1. what a great quilt, and I love the fabric

  2. LOL...that fabric is too cute....I wasn't around to see this quilt before; and I can't imagine picking out all of the quilting...that must have been quite a job....nice to see you got it finished....

  3. Love the fabric, such cute monkeys and great colours, the bananas are cute too. That's a great pattern too to show off the prints.



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