Sunday, 13 March 2011

Lie - in

Had a bit of a lie-in this morning which seems to have set a lazy tone for the day. I rarely stay late in bed in the mornings but as some of you know, we are constantly awoken in the night by our poorly, geriatric cat (you have to take the good with the bad!), so the lie - in was good. I had great intentions to hit the sewing machine but instead I headed for the desktop and got my new session class project out to all my current classes and then sent out the leaflets for my new beginners' classes, so decent use of time really.

I am now drifting thro my 'puter files and have found this pic...
a few weeks ago, I bought some plain, red pillowcases. My new sewing room has to double as a spare bedroom and I am creating an Americana theme, based on my old favourite quilt, see pix further down in post. I was hoping to find some bedding in the right colours but so far, no luck so picked these pillowcases up in Debenhams sale and did a bit of fancy stitching in cream, and blue. Just wanted to share with you the stitch that I used for the cream lines - it's what is known as a triple stitch and will appear on your sewing machine as 3 parallel dotted lines - intended for reinforced stitching but in this instance, looks nice and textured. Sometimes a utility stitch on your machine can turn into something special.

So , I also managed to hang my "Americana" quilt - I made this back in about 2002, quite early in my quilting life - it's still my out and out favourite. They do say everybody has one good quilt in them!! I called it "Sweet Land of Liberty". It used to hang in our old house but when we were trying to sell I put it away in an effort to be "minimal and neutral". It's now back on a wall, hanging on some June Taylor quilt hangers (brilliant purchase).
Anyway, think it's time for another episode of Criminal Minds..........................


  1. That's a great quilt!

    You've got me wondering what my machine dials have after the 'needle in the middle' and 'needle to the left'!!

  2. Your Americana quilt is stunning Sheila, such a lot of work in that. Can I pick your brains sometime about running classes? I could do with some advice. Judith xo

  3. Sheila, I love your Americana quilt - this looks like it was a real labour of love. So glad you have got it back up on the wall again!! Enjoy!



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