Thursday, 9 June 2011

Bento Bag Workshop

When I first saw this bag

over on the pink penguin blog, I just knew it was the kind of project my classes would enjoy. I contacted Ayumi who graciously gave me permission to teach the bag, as long as I posted some pix afterwards.So today was the day - twelve eager beavers set to and completed their bags with expert guidance from, sorry Katrina!!
Everyone seemed to enjoy their day and agreed that the Bento Bag is a super bag, great construction and ripe for "customising" - I expect to see several more before too long.

So my heartfelt thanks to Ayumi for generously letting us use her design - I have posted all the pics individualloy on flickr, click here to get a better view.


  1. nice bags..looks like everyone had a good time

  2. Thanks for a great day Sheila. I really love my bag and intend making many more xx

  3. Oooh didn't they do well! The black/white/grey one is stunning!

  4. Shelia, you are just so sweet to remember to share with me the pictures on flickr and to tell me about how it went. I so wish I were there to see everyone making such beautiful lunch bags! Looking at these pictures, it's so obvious everyone had a great time and you definitely did a terrific job teaching them how to make the bag, because each and every single of those bags came out so beautiful!!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to take pictures and sharing with me. You made my day!

  5. It's brilliant that quilters/designers are willing to share their patterns, tutorials etc so freely - it sounds like you had a great time at the workshop - well done all

  6. What a productive day! The bags look amazing! Jxo



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