Friday, 3 June 2011

Zip Fear

Yesterday's workshop was Zippy Pouches..................we arrived at the Community Centre on what was obviously the first proper day of summer - to find the heating still on!
So, it is difficult to gauge whether the flushed faces and increasing stress levels were due to the heat insertion!!
Joking apart, I really wanted to show the class how easy it is for us, as quilters, to produce little useful pieces from next to nothing.

The ZIP was conquered by lunchtime and everyone worked really hard to produce pouche..s, yes, quite a few little bags were made.
If you would like to have a go - try these blogs for great tutorials -

Noodlehead - brilliant blog, lots of bags, wallets & zips HERE.
and a fun & straightforward tute from Flossie Teacakes,    HERE
and last, but not least, from Kelby Sews, a tute that concentrates on the zip ends. HERE



  1. I am going to face my fear - everywhere I look, people are sewing in zips!!

  2. Aren't they fab! I get the same 'fear reaction' to zips in my classes, but the sense of achievement afterwards is priceless! Jxo

  3. These are great! I find myself making zippered bags in the summer, maybe because they are so quick to finish. Last year I gave a bunch away at Christmas so I am hoping to stock up for that again this summer.

  4. Thanks for the link to Noodlehead - I particularly like their Advent calendar with activity cards rather than chocolates!



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