Tuesday, 14 June 2011

I was reading Ayumi's latest post over at the Pink Penguin about one of the features of next year's Tokyo Quilt Festival - Partnership Quilts.
There is a major drive to collect blocks that will be made into quilts and sold to help the victims of the earthquake. Last year over 10,000 blocks were submitted which turned into 86 quilts! There is a theme to follow and next year's theme is squaress and triangles so how hard could that be?
Why don't you join in? I am going to make one and the deadline is August so no pressure..............all the details are over on Ayumi's blog HERE.


  1. Ooh I read that too - may have to my thinking cap on x

  2. Oh thank you so much Sheila for spreading the word about this!! I am so glad you are joining us!



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