Wednesday 8 June 2011

Busy Bee

Had a really productive day - dreadful weather so no need to feel guilty staying in by my sewing machine.
The last few nights I have tried manfully to put the laptop down and get on with the hand stitching on my little Brit Quilt Swap. I don't usually do a lot of hand sewing but enjoy the randomness(?) of seed quilting. I used a variegated perle cotton and am quite pleased with the result. It has been done on the lighter green segments of the pic below. You can click for a closer look.
So today, I set to, and echo quilted around 3/4 of the quilt - I used a slightly wiggly stitch and after a couple of rounds thought it looked time went on my confidence drooped a bit but I had gone too far to bail.......what do you reckon?
I also made a to-do list which was scarily longer than I imagined but by the end of the day have ticked off one item - I have finished Big Little George, a block project from Lily's Quilts.
I had already finished the piecing, just had to finish it off, so I "bagged it" using fusible 80/20 wadding and my usual split backing to turn - this has become my favourite technique for bagging as it avoids the lumpy hand-sewn gap in any one side.
My quilting on this was a machine applique stitch around the 3 circles and then 3 rows of straight stitching in the border.

Think I might have made a Christmas pressie - ahead of the game or what?

Tomorrow is the last of my weekly workshops.......think it should be a good'un and I look forward to telling you all about it.


  1. Sheila; the block for your swap looks beautiful...I love the seed quilting; never heard of it before. I learn something everyday on here...very nice. And the echo quilting makes the block,,,,

  2. Love the hand quilting, and Christmas!!?? I don't do Christmas until 18th November after the birthday season is over!!

  3. You quilting is coming on great - well done

  4. Christmas George looks amazing - great shape! Your mini quilt is stunning too! Well done! Jxo

  5. Wow, your mini quilt is awesome! Love the quilting! Also Christmas George is wonderful, I am glad you finished it!

  6. Love the colours in the Brit Swap Quilt, and the seed quilting. Must try that out

  7. These are both fantastic - and congratulations on getting prepared for christmas in early June !!



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