Tuesday 24 January 2012

Blocks for Japan

Do you remember the appeal for blocks for Japan that we first heard about thro the lovely Ayumi? Well that girl has been to see all the finished quilts in Tokyo, and posted them all on the flickr group - go and look, thay are amazing!
A couple of ladies in my classes made bocks and I have spotted them in finished quilts.

Helen McD made this one -

and here it is in a quilt

Helene R made this block -
and I spotted it in this quilt - (top right)

and I made this one -

and found it on this quilt

You get a much better view of all the quilts over on flickr - take the slideshow and be prepared to gasp in admiration. it's heartwarming stuff.


  1. Fabulous to be a part of those quilts!

  2. Woohoo! I found mine too! It's a surreal feeling to know they are part of these amazing quilts all the way over in Japan! Jxo

  3. how wonderful that you can see the blocks you made and what a great idea to do a flickr group to show them all

  4. So good to be involved in the making of those quilts!

  5. what a lovely idea and how wonderful to block spot and find your own!!!



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