Monday 30 January 2012

Monday Memories #9

Before I leave 2003 completely I have to tell you about Jenny's memory quilt.
I headed home from Curacao in the November of 2003 in time for said daughter's graduation. Like the wonderful mother I am, it suddenly dawned on me that her upcoming Christmas birthday (yes, I had an attention seeking Christmas Day birth) would in fact, be her 21st. Now perhaps, as a quilter I should come up with something for her.............
Full to bursting with newly learned techniques, there was one I hadn't tried - photo transfer. So before I headed home, I selected lots of pics and did the planning. Once I got home it was really just an assembly job, whilst Jenny was out during the day!
I used Bubblejet 2000 fluid to prepare my cotton fabric and printed the photos thro normal home printer at best quality. The results were great.(although it hasn't stood the test of time, b&w has now faded to sepia)
This little quilt recorded Jenny from birth thro to graduation and started with a printed verse -

'Twas the night before Christmas
The year, '82
You decided it was time to make your debut
By the time you arrived though, it was Christmas morn,
And our own little flue-brush, our Jenny, was born".

On Christmas morning, this gift brought a tear to favourite daughter's eye - RESULT!!
However, favourite son, a couple of years younger, was quick to say -
"please don't make me one of those for my 21st!!"
Thought I'd leave you with some close ups to give you a Monday giggle.......


  1. Aww cute - I'm thinking FS only said not for my 21st - how about revisiting this technique ???

    She looks very cheeky in her school uniform...

  2. Aw so cute! I had huge glasses like those too! I'm sure this quilt will be treasured for a long time yet! Jxo

  3. What a lovely present. I think I'd have to make something similar for your son just as a joke!
    And yes, I had those glasses too!

  4. Oh Sheila please change your profile photo icon to the one with the specs! Wonderful!

  5. Aww, bless, can't think why your son wouldn't want one... ;o)

  6. Another wonderful post! Love the quilt!

  7. great pics Sheila! I made a couple of photo ones for my girls too, but the photos look a little worse for wear after a few washes

  8. Lovely story as always, I look forward to these every Monday.



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