Tuesday 3 January 2012

Monday Memories 6

I know it's Tuesday, but do you? Still a Bank Holiday here in Scotland and at that stage of forgetting which day is which.
Today's memory is just the one quilt - still flung over a settee so in daily use I suppose. The pattern was in a Fabrications magazine back in 2001 and was medallion style, working out from the centre.
I think by this time I had amassed a bit of a stash and so this was really my first scrappy quilt. I still love an Ohio Star block and am fond of this one - it's one of those quilts that you can pick out fabrics and remember where you got them from.
I have a particular memory of laying all the blocks out on my living room floor - my daughter's friend came round and had to pick her way thro all the blocks, not a startling memory, just one of those wee pictures that flash into the mind.
By the time I made this I was well into using my Sheila's Star quilting pattern and on this quilt there are lots of smaller block sized strars and also one giant one, the size of the quilt.
I quite like that it has no borders too.
Hope everyone here in the UK has survived the awful gales today.


  1. I love scrappy quilts, especially ones where you remember stories, etc. about the fabric and the months you were making it and this is a wonderful example of that!

  2. Nice scrappy quilt. Hope you haven't been blown away. TV footage on the news looked horrible. Just gusty here in Lincolnshire. Makes my fire roar - very nice! Di xo

  3. Great stars :-) Hope you're not blown away in the night!! Take care!

  4. The only reason I remember the day is that I have to go back to work tomorrow (please excuse me while I have a toddler tantrum here!)

    Anywho, I love wee memories like yours here, and I hope you survived the wind okay too, I have expected to see Kansas outside when I opened the curtains this morning! Think I may be walking to work tomorrow if the trains aren't on...

  5. Red, white and blue then too Sheila!? With a bit of yellow...

    Great memory - doesn't have to be startling though it may have been a surprise to the girl in question!?

    Love scraps - I think they make my favourite quilts!

    We had a power cut - had more of those in the South of England than I ever had in bonnie Scotland!

  6. Love scrappy stars, I'm enjoying seeing your quilts from the past!

  7. Very pretty, I love scrappy. I like the recognition as you remember what you got that fabric for (and it's probably given away by now)!

  8. I love this quilt! And I love those things that bring up nice vivid memory of just an ordinary event, it is nice to remember those ordinary days too.

  9. Love that quilt. The colours work so well for it!



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