Saturday 7 January 2012

(Sew) Get Started

Sarah over at Fairy Face Designs is beginning a series of tutorials for beginners to sewing. This will be entry level stuff so if you are thinking of taking the plunge I heartily recommend you pop over and start following.
FairyFace Designs
Another good reason to have a look is that Sarah is also hosting a wee giveaway to coincide with the launch of the series so you could win yourself a scrap pack of fabric to kick start your stash.

I will be doing a guest tutorial on 29th March so quite excited about that - I will be doing a Pot Holder/Stand involving a bit of folded patchwork.
Here is a sneaky preview of the sort of thing I mean...........
 Looks like there will be heaps of great stuff going on.................


  1. looking forward to your guest tutorial Sheila

  2. Love the generosity of the quilting community - passing on what they know! Good luck with guest blogging over at Sarah`s.

  3. That would make a fab Christmas block too, Sheile. Makes me think of presents as soon as I saw it. Greedy person that I am!

  4. Looks like a little window! Cute!

  5. That is so cute, I can't wait to learn how!

  6. Looking forward to trying folded patchwork!

  7. These are lovely S! There's such a great variety in this wee series of Sarah's! So glad you are contributing too! Jxo

  8. Looking forward to seeing your tutorial, love the look of the folding :o)



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