Friday 10 February 2012

Friday Fun

Two giveaways I really have to share although I imagine you have all been there and done that!!
First up, Lynne, over at Lily's Quilts has a stonker of a giveaway, sponsored by Oakshott, 100 fat 1/8s!!
The next giveaway to go have a look at is from my blogpal, Susan, aka Canadian Abroad - Susan tells it like it is and has a great blog.......she is celebrating a year of blogging and you should check out her work from the last year, it's amazing.
So, to celebrate, Susan is giving away some of her precious stash -
Lovely jubbly!
Back in my world of bluepatchquilts, all my classes are heading fast towards the end of session. I usually finish up at Easter and take a break until Christmas in July..ha!
The ladies in the beginner's class have all been following the same quilt plan, but are all turning out beautifully different.
This year, I challenged all the ladies in the non-beginner classes, to choose their own quilt project.
Every year I hold an end of term Open Night and this year I have scheduled it as an Open Day, bigger space, more time, and with cakes!!
And I am beginning to get really excited about it this year because it seems every class I have had over the last 2 weeks, finished quilts are being produced, and oh! what a selection....I am going to keep you all waiting until after the Open Day and then I will share all the wonderful talent.
Just one wee peek at the moment - this quilt has not been done in class, Irene made it at home from my Mystery Quilt a Long..............she made a different one in class!! Isn't it fab.
Have a great weekend everyone.x


  1. Yay Sheila! I want to come to one of your classes, especially if there is cake!
    That mystery quilt looks amazing!

  2. Like the monotone mystery quilt! You should take your classes on the road (and boat)

  3. That mystery quilt is beautiful and I am with Fiona, classes with cake sound wonderful. I do hope you will show off your students' work.

  4. I love that mystery quilt. looking forward to seeing pics of all those other quilts

  5. Wish I could come to your open day quilts+cake=bliss.
    The mystery quilt is beautiful. I look forward to seeing them all after Open Day. Di xo

  6. Looking forward to your open day :o)

  7. Irene's quilt is really striking! Well done! And well done on another successful term of classes! Looking forward to the open day pics! I might even try one of those for my ladies to show off their makes too! Sounds like fun! Jxo

  8. Your classes sound like they are lots of fun. That black and white quilt is awesome.

  9. Love Irene's quilt! I can't wait to see photos from the open day - don't forget to get photos of the cakes!!

  10. Thank you so much for the lovely words, Sheila. And I bet your students in your classes always turn out amazing quilts and pieces of work because you would provide endless inspriration.



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