Monday 6 February 2012

Monday Memories #10

Once I was back home from Curacao, I slipped back into my "social quilting" routine, and that was as a member of our local group, Carrick Quilters. During my year out, the group had been organising an exhibition of their work in a local gallery space, in Ayr.

A chance remark from a fellow quilter galvanised me into a new chapter of my quilting life.Knowing I had completed my C & G course, this quilter asked if I intended starting classes. I had been thinking along those lines. "I'd come" she said.......................the upcoming exhibition gave me a platform to advertise my plans and in the April of 2004, I launched my classes, around my dining table!!
We didn't live in a big, grand house, and I can hardly believe the brass neck I must have had, luring people around my table.
I had a small class of 4 absolute beginners and had planned a patchwork cushion, made up of 4 blocks, each demonstrating a different technique. This cushion became a quilt a few months later, and is still the basis for my beginners' class.
These are a few of those early quilts.
 Wynn's 1st quilt

 Alexis' 1st quilt

 Morag's 1st quilt

 Muriel's 1st quilt

Sheila H's 1st quilt
 Nancy's sampler quilt

Janet H's wallhanging

Margaret's sampler
From the very start of my classes, I have kept photos, and each year I have an Open Evening to show off all the lovely work that has been done by the ladies in my classes. I have chosen the few sample pics here for a particular reason - all these ladies have been with me continuously since those early days. There are quite a few others who are piling up the years too, but that would make for an extremely long blog post.
In the August of 2004, I expanded into a local community centre and am still there today.
I have met so many lovely people through my classes, what a privilege it has been for me. I have passed on my obsession and watched friendships flourish, it's been amazing. 
Next week I'll show you a few more class quilts and explain how my programme developed and how I branched out into day workshops.


  1. Those early cushions grew to wall hangings!
    It is nice to look back on how both you and your students have grown in experience. Thanks for sharing. Di xo

  2. Isn't it lovely that these ladies are still enjoying your classes years later, you must be a wonderful teacher.

  3. these are great quilts! The ladies had an excellent teacher of course! I have never been to a class and would love to one day when I have more time. x

  4. What lucky ladies to have such a great teacher! I'm certain that having their work appreciated and showcased as you did meant a lot to each one of your students. And with everything the online community of quilters can offer (and it offers many treasures), nothing can quite compare to a group of women sitting around a table. Wish I could join you!

  5. Love how you've kept photos over the years, and fab idea with the exhibition, no wonder you have so many satisfied students!

  6. It's always encouraging to have a loyal following! These beginner quilts are beautiful! Jxo

  7. It's lovely that you have photos of everything your students have made - you must have a great portfolio!!

  8. It is so nice to have developed such a close and long term circle of quilting friends that are close enough to see in person regularly. I love the pictures of those first quilts, thank you for sharing and I am looking forward to next Monday.

  9. Oh I would love to be one of your students x

  10. What Hads said! Wish I could come by for a class or two!



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