Monday 20 February 2012

Monday Memories #12

In the October of 2004 I started to work part time in Sew Materialistic, our local fabric shop. Marie, the owner, had taken over the shop in the January of that year and her mother in law Christine was also working there.One or two others have come and gone and for the last 4yrs Alana has also been part of the team. We have had some laughs over the years and the shop itself has changed a lot too. The ratio of cotton to "other stuff" has changed too - chuckle, my wicked influence at work!!
This is the doorway to our little shop -
This was just begging to be transformed into a quilt, so, for Marie's Christmas that year I had such fun creating this -
Last week I was telling you about Contrary Wife and how this great block has played such a part in my classes thro the years.
I made a few blocks from my Thimbleberries scraps and added them into a central design that I had fallen for in an Australian magazine. It became my largest ever quilt, I think it is 120" square and I quilted it in three long sections.

We have this quilt on our bed all winter, we love its weight over our 4tog duvet. We became accustomed to a very large bed from our time in Curacao and we probably need it - our current combined weight compared to our newly- wed combined weight is really like having 3 in the bed without the kinkiness!! (hope that doesn't increase my spam)
Moving swiftly on, my next quilt was in 2005 and made as a wedding present for my young sister in law. I made sure she would like a quilt and then asked her what colours she would like - something to go with everything she said! I was still into Thimbleberry type fabric so came up with this -
The blocks were pinwheels but you don't see this at first do you, I didn't have a happy time making this one - at one point I was heard to scream that the quilt and machine were going in the wheelie bin if the thread broke once more! I remember it was a Valdani thread, 30wt and a lovely variegated one.No matter what I did, the thread would break, but I soldiered on and got it done.
Even now, 7yrs on, I sometimes see it folded on the bottom of their bed, can't ask more of your quilt can you?
Meanwhile, back in class, I started to run Day workshops and in July of 2005 I held my first Christmas in July. Several related items were on offer and the patterns for all, available -
Think that's enough for another week, I'll be catching myself up soon.


  1. Wow those are biggy quilts! Love the secondary pattern in the pinwheels. You'll soon be making new memories to write about! Jxo

  2. I love all your quilts, but have to say that first one, replicating the tile floor, is my favourite.

  3. Shelia your quilts are massive and lovely! I, like Susan, think that the tile floor one is just brilliant. Thanks for sharing. Di x

  4. love all of these but especially the quilt homage to the floor tiled entrance to the shop totally awesome! x

  5. Love the tile quilt - it reminds me of the floor in one of our old houses. I'm really enjoying reading your memoires. You could write a book!

  6. I too love that floor and that you made a quilt to match! I love to hear the stories, keep them coming.

  7. I love these posts and the tile quilt is stunning - the others are lovely but the tiles quilt is definitely my favourite, such a thoughtful present!

  8. What a lovely present to receive ......the quilt replicating the tiles. Something that will be even more appreciated by Marie later in life when she is a lady of leisure ( in many many years yet ) and looking back. Nice memory.
    The other 2 quilts are beautiful especially your own one. Funnily enough I was thinking that I would like to do something with pinwheels.
    Wont comment on the remark about " the 3 in the bed" lol

  9. I love that Bear Quilt its pretty cool.
    Stop by for my quilt givaway to guess my babys b-day and weight.

  10. Fab idea with the door step mini.

    As for the 3 in the bed quilt, well that's quite appropriate for a quilt with bears on, isn't it? ;o)

  11. I love the quilt, replicating the floor in front of the door - brilliant

  12. That little quilt reminded me of a book by Christine Porter I got a few years ago: 'Quilt Designs from Decorative Floor Tiles'.
    My favourite from that book is the one replicating the floor of Venice's St Mark's Cathedral.

  13. The tiles are a great inspiration - not sure what I am laughing at more, the thought of quilting that whopper or the spam headed your way!

  14. I've always loved the tiled quilt, you omitted what you named it, it was so appropriate. This was the beginning, and yes we have had some experiences along the way,looking forward to the one that will be appropriate for your next phase!



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