Wednesday 1 February 2012

A Quick January

I am going to start off February by shamelessly pinching Judith's idea, and posting a first sign of Spring - my wee mini daffs have flowered -
So, after the conveyor belt December, making oodles of wee gifts, I started off the New Year with determination to crack on with a few projects. I also joined in on Rhonda's FAL (finish a long) and have achieved one of my goals.
This is my wee Monochrome Magic quilt, started in 2009 and pieced by hand as a sample for my January 2010 workshop. All that was need to finish was a little quilting and then binding. And so it is finished, just in time for my 2012 Monochrome Magic workshop!

I have also finished my Peeps quilt, aka Baby quilt #1
Baby quilt #2 is also almost done, just needs binding but I am leaving this until next week as it gives me a great opportunity to demonstrate the technique to my Beginners' class, some of whom are just at the binding stage of their first quilts.

My final entry for Fresh Sewing Day is my hexie quilt started about a century ago with Lynne's Hex-a long.
Hand sewing is not my forte and I had avoided hexagons for many years - all goes to prove Lynne's strong influence, as they soon became my summer of 2011 obsession.
I gave myself to the end of December to complete my individual hexies and then hoped January would see them stiched into rows, and rows joined together.
I stitched the final row last night just to find out I had placed it one hexie out in one direction - **!??***!!!
So, after lunch today, I sat and put it right in good, sunny, light.
I think I will straighten the top & bottom edges, and add half hexies (12) down the sides.Then I will give some thought to borders. I want this baby all done in time for my Open Day in April so I reckon I am on schedule................(famous last words)
As always, linking to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day, why don't you go over and visit some of the other blogs that have contributed this month.


  1. You did a wonderful job on the Peeps quilt. I am trying to enlarge it to see it closer, but I think that part is blocked. Anyway I like it alot.

  2. Your hexie quilt is wonderful! I am currently working on one too.

  3. Wow - beautiful work!! I've been avoiding hand sewing hexies too but I think it's about time!

  4. The wee daffs are lovely. Its amazing how a colour can brighten a dreich day up. Hexie quilt looks good and looking forward to baby quilt #2

  5. There were daffs all along the road sides in Somerset in mid January - lovely but too early! Love your hexies - you`ve had a great January.

  6. Lovely daffs - wont see any here for ages!
    Well done for doing the hexies - I'm not much good at hand sewing either, so I really am impressed

  7. Another great month S! Those hexies are stunning! And pinch away - sunny daffs make me smile! Jxo

  8. Yay for the finishes already, and looking forward to seeing the finished hexies too :o)

  9. Beautiful as always, I especially love those hexies. Lovely flowers too, here I am all excited by a few minutes more daytime and you have flowers already!

  10. I really love the cream quilt!! just lovely!! Hugs

  11. Wow, you have been busy, I'm loving your Hexies,

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  12. All beautiful Sheila! I love the baby quilt, such a great design! The hexies are gorgeous too :)

  13. A wonderful January! I'm particularly excited to see the hexies - they're marvellous, well done!

  14. Mega impressed Sheila! Hexies are awesome!

  15. Love daffs.
    You are definitely making a dent in your WIP's. The hexie quilt is looking fantastic.



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