Wednesday, 1 October 2014

September was a busy month...........

If you are looking for my Giveaway - it's HERE. ( Many thanks for all the lovely comments, much appreciated)

So - September. When I was checking my September photos, I realised my month fell in to different categories:-

I like to get Bee blocks done early in the month so first up were my blocks for Janet, in Bee a Brit Stingy...

and then a couple for Bee Blessed..........

My classes really got underway although we did have a week off due to the Referendum!! So I progressed with my blocks for our Modern Sampler.

Then of course there was the wonderful Stitch Gathering.........

I finished off a cushion and managed a small key fob gift..........

I made very little progress with my WIPs, a double quilt, an advent calendar and a Christmas table topper...

But, I did manage to get a baby quilt top pieced, a future workshop...............

As the month drew almost to a close, I held a Mile a Minute workshop - a great stash buster although strangely it does seem to create more scraps............a messy business.

but so many lovely blocks made...........

and I made some really, wee ones, for a future Princess & the Pea quilt,

And my September finally closed with a delightful moment as Ava was deemed old enough to get her paws on Grandma's button jar, oh how I had looked forward to this moment.........

And that was September, I am linking as always, to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.


  1. Oh yes, buttons without the fear of choking - happy days xxx

  2. A really busy month, Sheila ... I like the colorful brights of your blocks for the modern sampler ...

  3. What a busy month Sheila! And it was lovely to meet you at the Stitch Gathering (although sadly not for long enough!!) You have some wonderful work there and it looks like your ladies had a fab time in your classes.

  4. Love so many of your photos from this month. Lots of gorgeousness in them.

  5. You have been busy. Lots of beauties in there. Like the idea of mile a minute.

  6. Oh my goodness, when did Ava get so big??

  7. A lovely month!! Ava looks like she's enjoying the buttons!

  8. Crikey! That was a really busy September. jxo

  9. You had a wonderful month. Ava is sure growing, and I expect you are just having more fun with her every day.

  10. Buttons . . . waaaaay better than Duplo!
    Great production this month Mrs SS

  11. Belated happy bloggiversary, and you had a very productive month! Tell Ava she's lucky, I'm still not old enough to get my hands on my gran's button jar ;o)

  12. Ha the button jar! A thing of glory! Excellent makes! Catching up myself!

  13. ahhhhhhhh Ava / Eva ........potAYto / poTAHto....

    my mom has been gone for 20 years.....and i still have her button tin - still full of HER button collection...... it was the FIRST thing i asked for when she passed away...... because...... i'm eva, and that was me.... with my mom's button tin

    i remember hours and hours of fun, sorting..... sizes / colours / textures ...etc.... it's an endless toy!!!!



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