Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Getting Rusty

Into week 2 of our "staycation" - weather has been really unkind to us, too wet even for the garden on some days, but we are making great progress out there (that would be the "Royal" we)
Indoors I am being a bit of a butterfly in my sewing room, flitting from one project to another but I did manage to get my Japan block done.See more HERE

at least it's sunny at Wimbledon - GO MUZZA!!


  1. nice block Sheila...thank you for your nice comment....the sun came out...yay!!!!

  2. Lovely block! Even Wimbledon didn't escape the rain today! Jxo

  3. Oh that is a lovely block. Ohh I spy my pouch in your flickr !

  4. A lovely block Sheila! I am going to do one, it's a manageable project for my level of ability. I hope Andy does it this year!

  5. That is a very nice block! I have been doodling shoo flies everywhere, I am thinking I need to make some too.



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