Sunday, 19 June 2011

Mother's Day

Favourite son came to stay this weekend and set off with his dad very early this morning for Knockhill and some motorbike event................favourite daughter and I managed a coffee together before she set off to her in-laws in Glasgow.............leaving poor old me home alone with the sewing machine and the rain prevented me taking to the garden and unfortunately my amnesia kicked in and I forgot about the huge pile of ironing Instead, I watched a very old Morse and made this -

Second picture is nearer the true colour.
I bought the pattern which is called the 241 Tote, from Anna over at Noodlehead quite a few weeks ago and have been itching to make it. The stripey fabric is furnishing weight and came in a pile of freebies that Carol brought to class before the end of term, loads of furnishing samples which we all got to drool over. My side panels are lighterweight denim which I pre-quilted and the pockets are quilted cotton. I added two internal pockets and it closes with a magnetic clasp.There is also an option on the pattern to insert two zipped pockets on the front panel but the furnishing fabric was pretty heavy and I thought I'd opt out of zip hell this time.
I am pretty chuffed with my efforts and would recommend the pattern - good, clear instructions and a really useful tote.

PS _ For those of you visiting from outside the UK - this is actually Father's Day.


  1. Fab bag - and a great size too! Time to hit the shops? Jxo

  2. Sheila, how many children do you have - I hope only one of each!!
    Great bag, I saw Krista (Poppyprint)'s too, but I really can't justify another bag, but don't quote me!

  3. I was just thinking that this looked very similar to Kirsta's bag
    It's a lovely bag - great to have a good day sharing with your daughter like you did today

  4. That's a really nice bag. I have the problem with amnesia and housework too!

  5. I love your 241 version! I see you opted out of topstitching around the side seams. Good call - that was not easy.

    It's Father's Day in Canada, too!

  6. this is a great bag. I have seen it around on other blogs but really like your fabric choices.



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