Thursday, 29 September 2011


 (Still time to enter my giveaway HERE)

Perhaps because I showed off yesterday with my new toy, I deserved to trip and bang my head against a roughcast wall at 7.30 this morning?
 You never know, but by yesterday's scale today started off in minus numbers!!

I have jumped in to two swaps this week and made mosaics to inspire my partners to be.
The above mosaic is for the Scrappy Swap being organised by Kat. all the way from Perth, Australia. It should be a nice low key swap.

and this one is for round 2 of the Brit Quilt Swap - this time we are having a Pillow Fight!! Looking forward to this one.You can follow the fun on the flickr group or even join in, I think there is still time to sign up - you just need to be living in the UK to enter.


  1. Sorry to hear about your bump Sheila and hope your head is okay!

  2. Banging your head, well, go got a fee "egg" for breakfast... hope it didnt hurt too much.

  3. Isn't wacking your head a bit drastic just to get more inspiration? Though you never know! Hope you heal soon! Hugs Jxo

  4. Hope you don't have too much of a your mosaics!

  5. Yowie, hope your head feels better now!

  6. Hope the head is ok! Thanks for including my projects in your mosaic, I am chuffed!

  7. ouch hope you are ok! I fell the full length of myself a month ago while heading to the school bus with the kiddos. I was sore for days and days. Hope you feel better. xxx



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