Sunday 4 September 2011

Mystery Mariner

Hard to believe it is four weeks since I posted the last instalment of the Mystery Quilt - we really are on the home straits now and links to this week's instructions can be found HERE
You will also find  the links to all the instructions so never too late to make a start.


  1. ...and I havn't done my other squares from last time yet: well, apart from the one I did incorrectly!!

  2. Oh no! Getting scarier - these have always intimidated me, even though I really love them. At least everything else is all caught up...

  3. Oh, hooray hooray hooray! I really really want to make a Mariner's I need to catch up on the previous 2 tutorials. Hopefully I can get to all this SOON!

  4. It is hard to believe it's been four weeks, especially since I am no closer to being caught up now than I was then! Darn those farmer's wife blocks, they have taken over my brain!



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