Wednesday, 7 September 2011

One or two different things.........

Lynne over at Lily's Quilts is planning a new Quilt a long - Dead Simple Quilt -
not sure of the nitty gritty but it would seem to be more about the colours than the block design. I haven't jumped in yet but am sorely tempted as I think there is so much to learn about colour and sometimes in the process we learn new things about ourselves.
 I was thinking about it the other day there and came across this tool in my drawer, that I bought some time ago for a course I was on - some of you might find it useful for the QAL.
I have been working away on my Mug Rugs and Goodies for the swap being hosted by Cindy at Fluffy Sheep Quilting

I have made my two mug rugs - first ever and a lot of fun plus a few goodies.......

My picture quality is duff today - these are on a white background!!
Do you remember the Pay it Forward initiative that was flying about a few months back? I first spotted it on Janice Elaine Sews and signed up. You had to make three little goodies and post them off to the first three folks who signed up with you - I did that some weeks ago, altho you had 365 days to complete the assignment (I'd be scared I forgot!) Well, yesterday, my little gift hit the doormat - and here it is -
Jan has made me a scarf - it's hard to tell from the pic, but the fabric is so fine, like a Tana lawn and has been beautifully crafted, thanks Jan.
My last snippet is sort of back at the start, with the influential Lynne!
 I think I mentioned already that this year in class, my non- beginners were given carte blanche to choose their own project - this was very hard for me as an Arien control freak but I am delighted with the variety of projects that are being tackled.
Now I do go on in class about blogging and some of my ladies tune in here now and again - so one of them has found her inspiration on Lily's Quilts, and who could blame her!!

Lastly, lastly, just in case you thought I was wearying of hexies (never, she roared)........I sewed up some of my UFO hexies and got them on to a background........


  1. Great wee colour cards! Love your pincushions and what a lovely scarf. Just in time for a scottish autumn!

  2. Loads of lovely stuff! I particularly love the needle case, that fabric is soo cute!

  3. Oooh, colours... no, don't need another QAL. And yet there's that big pile of Kona solids I bought with absolutely no purpose. Hmmmmm.

    Loveing the swap stuff, and those hexies look very Escher like, very cool

  4. What a lot of lovely things you have shared. I think your scarf is made from much coveted Anna Maria Horner voile (go here: )
    and it is very lovely!

  5. Whew! You're a busy one! Your new scarf is lovely! The PIF is new to me and I'm really excited to contribute.

    The mug rugs and goodies you made are lovely!!! Your partners are going to be thrilled :)

  6. My you've been busy. At least you'll know how to help your 'dresden' student if she gets stuck!! Love your wee makes, and those hexies are fab! What will you turn it into? Jxo

  7. Lots of lovely things - I love the pincushion with the dog on it! Those colour cards are gorgeous - think they need framing!

  8. Loads of gorgeous things. Love the UFO EPP it looks fab all sewn together.



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