Thursday 1 September 2011


For me, August was all about hexagons - I have been quilting for about 13yrs now and have loudly proclaimed that life was too short for piecing over papers. I did have to do a small sample for my C & G, back in 2004 but vowed - never again.

Huh! never say never.......I had not accounted for the influence of Lynne and Gayle who started a Hexalong a few weeks ago - you would also have to be on another planet not to notice the hexie craze that abounds thro blogland.
Well, I am hooked, totally........I love that we opted for biggish hexies, I love that there are SO many variations within the hexie shape - OMG, I even watched a tv programme called The Code, presented by a math prof, all about hexagons! (I used to draw flowers instead of equations in my maths jotters, scraped my O level)
So here are my hexies to date, I think pretty much all created in August - I even rigged up a "design wall" to help me with my plan.
and some close ups.........

In August, I also had to post off my first Doll Quilt Swap offering - my brief was to make a doll quilt for my partner's 7yr old son who loves playing with his toy snakes........
Although I am still working on a couple of other projects I have one finished quilt - this was my "Sheila Goes Modern", my version of a wonky 9 patch from a free pattern on Oh Fransson.

In August, my classes started back and are now underway. I have one class of lovely, eager beginners all cutting tentatively into their fabric. I have four other classes and all the students have chosen their own quilt project. Many of the ladies who attend my classes have been with me for several years, others not so long. I am a self confessed control freak and usually have everyone singing to my quilty tune (all carefully planned)........this year however, their challenge is to challenge themselves and I have a huge variety of designs being started. Open Night next year is going to be a blockbuster!!
Lastly, August is the month that I was able to tell the world that our daughter is expecting her first baby, our first grandchild - so, more quilty plans and guilt free fabric has already started!
As always, linking to Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day.


  1. Your hexies are stunning Sheila, and I LOVE modern Sheila quilt. I like how you seem to get younger the older you get! Jxo

  2. Your hexagons are coming along beautifully. Thy look fab all together.
    I love the colours in Sheila Goes Modern.

  3. Aren't we all hexieholics.. and I don't know about you, but I'm not looking for a 12 step program..
    You really nailed the doll quilt swap. Those young boys can be a challenge can't they?
    Wish I were a student in one of your classes.. Think I could commute??

  4. Life is definitely too short for hexies for me at the moment, but I'll never say never!

    Love both the quilts, hope the classes go well!

  5. It was a lovely month! Your hexagons are wonderful! I so love the Sheila Goes Modern quilt and your doll quilt was a perfect, you nailed that one!

  6. without Lynne i wouldn't have started my crazy 1" hexie phase either. she's quite an influence :)

  7. 'Sheila goes modern' is a triumph! Love it! I also love your hexies! (I thought life was too short to go back to drawing round templates for hand piecing but it's actually less hassle and more accurate than rotary cutting and drawing sewing lines, which I absolutely detest! Yeah for Lynne and Gayle!!) Looking forward to see what your ladies make this term!

  8. I think you can consider that a brilliant August Grandma xx



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