Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Feel Like Noah.......

.........cos the rain is torrential outside, it is hamering down on the conservatory roof, it's just past midday and I am having to put a light on - yuk. We are having the lamposts in our street replaced and you have to feel for those guys in their all-weather gear...(shudder.) A day to be in by your sewing machine.

I have been a bit forgetful this week, and had to be reminded to post the Mystery Quilt block! I just could not believe it had been 2 weeks - sorry Irene, doing it now!! Links to new instructions are HERE
We really are almost at the final furlong on the Mystery Quilt, this week it isn't a proper block as such, just a couple of filler panels that will wrap around 2 sides of our biggest block.
This next one is the Garden Patch by Jennfer at Enchanted Bobbin.
and this is Trudi's, from Quilting Prolifically
 and lastly, from Terry in WI,
Oh I know I said lastly, but here is a stunner from Catherine, last week's block.
Great job ladies.Now, lunch!!


  1. Has it really been two weeks since last time - I still haven't done the compass! Its funny, but I did a border on my last quilt very similar to this, but I did it wonky so didn't need to worry about the foundation.

  2. We've actually had some sunshine, but don't think it's going to last. Those blocks are really superb. Isn't it great seeing the same blocks done in different fabrics! Jxo

  3. Thanks so much for including my block here!! I have been such a delinquent QALer lately, but it is not for want of desire...just lack of time :( I hope things calm down around here so I can catch up.

  4. You feel like Noah? Imagine what those of us poor sods that were out in it felt like! Good job I have a raincoat, shame I didn't have the waterproof trousers with me...

    Love the blocks :o)

  5. Gorgeous blocks - I also felt like Noah when I was walking Archie but now the sun's out!!

  6. Time for me to get caught up on the mystery! Those are all beautiful blocks!

  7. I need to catch up too.I hope it's stopped raining there.

  8. Are the foundation pieces supposed to print over 2 pages? I love this quilt so far but I sure wish I was up to speed. I am so far behind!!!

  9. Thanks for including my pic :-) I am nearly caught up on my seven little squares, but am rapidly running out of material, so will leave these fillers strips until after the last block



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