Monday, 16 January 2012

Looking Forward

Today I thought I'd give looking back a miss. I will continue with my Monday Memories but for me, at the moment, 2012 is all about looking forward.
Already, I have 3 pretty important things due to happen this year. The first one has galvanised me into a bit of quilt action - I am making two quilts as we don't know if it's to be a pink baby or a blue baby.I am not all that sure that my quilts are gender specific but I liked the fabrics so, progress report:-
It's all quilted, just waiting for the binding to be handstitched down, it has progressed from the above pic and should soon be finished. I have been influenced and encouraged by all you clever bloggers and I did lots of fmq on this one.Will give you a closer look next time.
I was a wee bit late to the Sherbet Pips party but bagged myself a charm pack last year, quickly followed by a Little Apples charm pack too. Mother-to-be picked out all the charms she thought would be ok for a boy and I sashed in some plain white sashing as well as red and aqua Pips yardage. I cut my sashing to 2" and then wonky cut all the blocks to 6 1/2". This was a fun and very quick wee quilt to put together. I have Little Apples yardage for the backing and binding. This quilt is a little smaller than the Peeps one.
 I know these quilts won't be cot quilts as it seems babies are all about gro bags and other such stuff - the nursery is ready in beautiful neutral shades. No, I am hoping my quilts will be loved and dragged about by a toddler who will want to curl up on the sofa with it.
The other two events? Well, in May I have decided to leave my part time job with our local fabric shop - I will have been there for nearly 8yrs - shop work wasn't always my occupation but I sought out this job in 2004 when I started teaching P & Q, as a bit of a boost to my income. It's been like working as part of a small family and it's been fun. But as all the celebrities say, it's time to concentrate on my family now. I will however continue to run my classes and workshops as long as there is an appetite for them.
And the third?
We are off to see some of these this year - a very long awaited return Downunder and a chance to catch up with my big sis.
I wasn't even a quilter last time we went...................


  1. Love both the quilts! very jealous about the trip to Aussie :)

  2. Your post has bought a happy tear to my eye!!!

  3. It looks like you have a fun year ahead!
    Both quilts are so cute and destined for a lot of loving I'm sure :)

  4. Oh what an exciting few months you have ahead of you! So many wonderful things to look forward to! We look forward to hearing all about them. Jxo

  5. What a great year to look forward to! Love the quilts, and the way you combined the Pips and Apples, and that you are making decisions about priorities. Life is looking pretty good for you. This is good!!

  6. Lovely post Sheila - totally agree on the drag around and curl up quilts and they are both adorable. Love that you are taking time out with the family and the trip to Oz sounds perfect.

  7. Love both the quilts, although I thought gro-bags were for plants...

    Congrats on the future plans though, how exciting!

  8. What a lovely post! And I love the baby quilts!!

  9. Wow, what a fun trip to be planning! And the quilts are beautiful!

  10. wow Sheila, very envious of your trip down under, bet you can't wait!

  11. What wonderful reasons to look forward today! And I LOVE the pips squares :-)

  12. Welcome welcome Sheila!! Let me know if you want any tips on quilt shops. Co-incidentally my in-laws arrive in a couple of days fro Largs - your part of the world I believe!

  13. So lovely to look forward to things. Oz and seeing your sister - how exciting. And I love your Pips quilt. We have both made a boys pips quilt, and whilst they are similar - they are very different! If you know what I mean?

  14. Yeah Sheila what an exciting year you are looking forward to!

    Love the pips quilt especially - simple but very striking!



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