Tuesday 27 March 2012

Granny Brain

Well, I certainly seem to have fallen off the blog train - life has taken a bit of a new direction with the arrival of baby Ava, but I can't blame her completely for my lack of posting. I am now in my final week of classes before my big summer break, and have been knee deep in prep for my annual Open Day and also organising my class lists for next session. Throw in a couple of nappy changes and a family get together and something just had to give.
Hopefully, normal service will resume soon, I feel like I have been off school for ages!
So, I am trying to catch up on my blog reading and have just read this post over at Lynne's. Those of us who have been quilting for a while will be familiar with charity quilting projects - quilters can be so generous.
Through my classes, we support our local Project Linus, and raise funds each year at our Open Day to support a chosen charity. Some of my ladies are also involved this year with the Alzheimer's Project.
So, Lynne has thrown her cap in the ring and is trying to raise about 50 quilts that will be given to siblings in the UK,  who are separated on a day to day basis but are brought together for summer camp - these quilts will be given as a special keepsake.
I am going to pledge this quilt that I made last year - it was what I called my first modern quilt and had no particular recipient in mind. I hope it cheers up a young person.

Oh, before I go, don't forget to pop over to Sarah's on Thursday, where I will be doing a guest tute to make a folded pot stand.


  1. Oh I love that quilt, and I reckon a teenager would love it too!

  2. Oh and who forgot that the smallest people can so easily take over the most time!?

  3. Great quilt :-) Glad you've been busy with granny duties!

  4. Gorgeous quilt to donate to a good cause. And babies, especially grand babies, beat blog reading any day!

  5. A perfect gift to a young person/child needing comfort. Hope all goes well with your open day! Jxo

  6. That is so generous! I hope that you are having fun in between teaching and grandmothering and such.

  7. Glad that you haven't forgotten us all! Your quilt will be much appreciated. Hope your open day goes well. Take some photos so that we can see the fruits of your labour. Di xo

  8. That`s an amazing quilt to donate Sheila. You`ve been missed but glad to hear all is well in grannydom!

  9. Great donation, but gee, fancy something that little, and a wee class, taking up all your time ;o)



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