Monday 19 March 2012

Monday Memories #14

Sorry, missed a week, something came up.............., 2007 - since I started teaching P & Q, I have experienced a teeny bit of what people in the fashion industry must experience, always thinking of the next year. As I begin a new session and a fresh project, I invariably start having seeds of thought about the next year. This is necessary because a new project needs a new sample.
Back in 2007 my daughter was getting married. Now when you are a quilter there's more to a wedding than venue and a new frock  isn't there? I asked Jenny if she would like a quilt and happily (she knows better) she said yes. She requested one along the lines of my "Sweet Land of Liberty" quilt. So I thought, stars...........
Her chosen colours for home dec were browns and teals, a fashion that lasted a few years and did indeed spill over into quilting fabrics.I had a notion that I wanted to try and grade the shading of my quilt from top to bottom and play about a bit with the colours. I researched and picked out star blocks that I hadn't used before, and I kept all the blocks to one size.

Well, that kept me busy and it has become a quilt in use,always a compliment in my book.
However, if I was busy making this, what about a class project for 2007?? Brainwave - I'll make it up as I go along run a Mystery Quilt!! Bloomin' brilliant and a testimony to the trust and loyalty of the lovely ladies who came to my classes.
I based my Mystery Stars also on my Sweet Land of Liberty and gave out fabric requirements. I advised on choosing a neutral, plainish background. Remember, the students didn't know they were going to be making stars but I wanted them to get good contrast into their quilts.
This is my own version - apologies to Hadley for the amount of brown in this blog post.

There were lots of beautiful versions made of Mystery Stars - I have added them all to my flickr photostream here. If you have time go on over and have a look. But I will leave you with just one of the quilts - made by lovely Sheena, sadly no longer with us. Sheena was quite traditional in her choice of fabrics but for this project she chose a bright batik as her background - hmm, thought I, how shall we play this? Sheena was choosing her fabrics in our shop and I was assisting - so I suggested for all other requirements, she choose solids. Her quilt was being made for her daughter, an art teacher, and I know it hit the spot, beautifully. It's the middle one in this next pic, so vibrant, so different.
I hope you have enjoyed this Mystery tour - as many of you know it led to me repeating the project last year  thro my blog and I have a flickr group for those who participated, I hope these photos inspire those who are still to complete theirs. And for anyone who would like to begin the tour, all the patterns and instructions can be found here.


  1. I love these trips into your quilting past!!!

  2. I am off to lie down in a darkened room now!!!

  3. Something came up? Don't you mean something came out? ;o) Cunning idea for the mystery quilt too...

  4. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful little granddaughter, Sheila!

  5. Yes totally inspired. And Hadley can manage the Brown I am sure. Thank you again for sharing.

  6. I really enjoy these quilting steps back in time too. I will finish the Mystery Quilt one day. At least I am feeling more confident with the paper piecing aspect!



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