Wednesday 7 March 2012

Rhonda Helped Me

When my son was a wee boy he liked nothing better than playing with his cars, he had dozens of them and would spend ages lying flat on the floor "brumming" them around his room. He would listen to music whilst he played and one particular day had the Beach Boys on his (I'd love to say CD player, but I fear it might have been a cassette player)- as I passed his room, he called out to me, "Mum......what's a rhonda??".
And this goes down in family history as funny things the kids say, you know how it is.
Well now I know a real life Rhonda through blogging,  and in January, she launched her Finish - a - long.
I admit wondering if there was much point in signing up, but then thought I'd give it a go, but not put myself down for too much.
I submitted 3 items - and they are all done!! Woo hoo.
I won't re-post the Crazy Quilt that I finished off in January.
The second, I also showed a week or so ago in my monthly round up but have bound it now -
My last UFO was this -

I made this when Lynne launched her Dead Simple QAL last year - I never intended making a quilt but was interested in using a specific colour inspiration and used this image,
I was determined to make my sample from my stash and was happy when I managed to - I used 2.5" squares and this piece finished at about 18" x 20", I think. And that was that. I suppose I thought maybe it would become a cushion but I think coming through February and taking part in Mouthy Stitches, had an effect on me because I ended up making this -
                                                     A knitting bag - it took a 20" zipper.
I think I might have made my first Christmas pressie!!
So thanks Rhonda, I have 3 entries waiting for the end of March.


  1. Well done you - three entries. I think I only have one, but then that is one more than I thought I might have. Love the knitting bag made with the dead simple palette.

  2. Deadlines and public declaration work wonders! Well done. Di xo

  3. That is a great knitting bag and the quilts are lovely. I am going to have that song in my head all day now, you know.

  4. Good on you, that's great having all three done and dusted. For me it's going to be a FAIL not FAL as at this rate I'm only going to have one of three finished.
    Love the knitting bag, that was a great idea to use the Dead Simple piece for that. Love the embroidery on it too.

  5. Woohoo on the finishes! Must check my list actually...

  6. You have been busy! Love the knitting bag!

  7. ahead of me then - just two down - love your knitting bag!

  8. Gorgeous pouch S! I grew up listening to the Beach Boys & Glenn Campbell on vinyl!!! Jxo

  9. So glad to help although you did all the work. You can tell your son a Rhonda is "a sweet and loving woman" hehehe. Seriously, thanks for playing along and good luck!



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