Thursday 1 March 2012

One Track February

Most of  accomplishments in February were baby related.......I am writing this on 29th in readiness for Lynne's Fresh Sewing Day and as I type, it seems that my favourite daughter has kept her legs crossed to avoid a leap day baby - hooray!
Just missing out in my January makes was this pincushion for my sewing table - it is excellent, no pins lying about......
It's working well for me, and I love the scraps that I used - thoughtfully picked out and sent to me by Reene in the Brit cushion swap.
 Next up was my zippy pouch for the Mouthy Stitches swap - sent this off last week to my secret partner, and am patiently (not) awaiting mine. This was a fun swap and pouches are dropping thro letterboxes all over the World!

In February I managed to finish the hexies, get them all sewn together and I have attached a first, narrow border.I am thinking a wider second border, first thought was white but moving towards grey, what do you think?
Oh, and in case you think I put a lot of thought into my work -lol, the narrow border was binding that I cut too narrow for my Peeps quilt - I did use a bit of the same fabric in the hexies so I think I can be forgiven..

My Pips quilt is pretty much done as far as quilting goes, all bound and awaiting the baby's arrival (if it's a boy) I have done a little machine embroidery (apples) on it and plan a bit more........

I intend calling this one Apple Pips as it is a hybrid of two charm packs, Sherbet Pips and Little Apples.

Next up is my Caribbean Creatures, an almost finished UFO, just the binding to hand stitch and I can add it to my Finish A Long projects - thanks Rhonda for keeping me motivated to finish stuff.
I fancy this one as a playmat for keeping in my own house and I added a bit of fun to it with words.

 This might prove fun in years to come?

I already had the strippy panels in a drawer so just had to pad them out a bit and voila - a backing. Job done!

 May I present to you, my first ever (and probably last ever) patchwork slippers! Ta da. These are for my sis, in Oz,,who spotted them online somewhere - turns out they are one of Ayumi's designs and I managed to track down and download the pattern here. It cost only $4.00 so pretty good value I reckon. As ever, I still have to stitch down the binding and then they will be done. And a big thank you to Christelle for giving me some grippy stuff for the soles, hard to track down in the UK.

And, lastly, I managed to whip up a block for Judith's Bee Blessed project. I have missed a couple of months for this good cause - sorry Judith. But, I had so much fun making this one, she looks a bit lopsided but hopefully will fit right in. If you would like to try this at home, go on over to Judith's blog - she has a great tutorial.

Maybe I should call her Pippi Pips.......
Some of you might have noticed that Monday Memories is missing this week - I am finding the weekly schedule a bit much just at the moment but it will be back soon, promise.
Does anyone ever feel like their head is going to burst, they have so many ideas and projects in there, just bursting to come out??


  1. Wow you sewed up a storm in February, and lots of great finishes.

  2. Oh my goodness, you were prolific in February Sheila! I love your hexie quilt - what an amazing achievement and while you know I`m not a huge fan of Apples and Pips, I love your quilt! Well done to your daughter for holding on and can`t wait to hear the good news!

  3. Yes my head has burst!!! I know exactly what you mean. I made a little pincushion cube like yours with the pockets for my sewing table! I love it and so handy. Thanks for the inspiration. Mine is not as good as yours tho!

    Love all your work this month and esp Little Pips! x

  4. Wow, seriously productive month quilt wise for you! I think my head burst a couple of weeks ago, hence the malaise ;o)

  5. wow sheila, fab work! LOVE your hexies, and the pips is gorgeous too. Wonderful!

  6. Each of those project is wonderful. I really love your hexies, it is going to be wonderful when it is all done. And those apples are a wonderful addition to the baby quilt. And yes, I see to also have a lot more ideas than time to make them these days, I wonder if it is the time of year?

  7. Oh I love your Pippi - another red head to add to the family!!! You must be on tenderhooks now waiting for baby to arrive. The quilting on the Apple pips quilt is so gorgeous. Take it easy S, it's about to get even busier! Jxo

  8. Busy you - FAL is working! Go Sheila! I'd probably go pink or coral on the hexy quilt binding - cos I like bright!

    Love the quilts!

  9. oh you have done tonnes; not bad for a grandma-in-waiting!

  10. Heavens above what a crazy month you've had. I would like a dark border on the hex quilt, to match the deep blues in the top right hand corner. Good luck with the impending arrival!

  11. I love all your projects!! You did an awesome job!!! Hugs

  12. You had a fab feb!! Love the baby quilt :)

  13. you've had an amazing February - look at all those wonderful projects!

  14. You've done so much beautiful work this month Sheila! I love the Apple Pips and that bee block is brilliant! :)

  15. I love all you've made this month! How about a dark blue or grey border on the hexies? Which is looking fabulous, by the way!! Any sign of baby?

  16. Goodness you managed to make a lot of lovely goodies. Loving the quilts.

  17. Wow you were a busy bee in February - it must have been a sympathetic nesting instinct.
    I love the slippers - they are perfect for travelling. I will need to have a wee look :-)



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