Sunday 30 September 2012

Another Month Gone!

September has flown hasn't it? My classes are all settled in nicely now.
This week, my beginners learned how to make half square triangles and I got a very much appreciated "wow" when I exposed the first HST for them. It might seem like the same old, same old sometimes, but what a kick I get out of seeing the pleasure on someone's face when they "get it".
Three of my other classes are doing Topsy, and everyone is doing a grand job with New York Beauties, Kaleidoscope blocks and foundation pieced Stars.
And my other two classes are planning their own piece of work, building up to it by learning the key elements of design.
A few weeks ago we were talking and playing with colour and I had made this sample block that I  thought made an exciting colour wheel exercise.
How excited I was on Thursday when two of the ladies had tried it out - neither had done EPP before - haven't they done well!!
                                                                                        Caryl's version.

Christelle's version

If anyone is interested in the pattern for this block let me know and I will put it onto Google Docs.
Meanwhile, a couple of snapshots of class in progress on Thurday.........

My week finished up today with a workshop - it was FMQ for those who had never dropped their feed dogs before! It's a pretty gentle intro to the world of fmq and some of those who attended today haven't even tried any sort of quilting before. They all gamely switched between embroidery feet and walking feet, getting to know their machines along the way. I had lots of fun, hope they did too.
Relaxing with a wee glass of red now.
October tomorrow.................


  1. Sounds like that glass of red is well deserved.
    Those tumbling blocks are amazing

  2. Yes those tumbling blocks look fab! You do deserve a glass of red too ;-)
    ps. you're right September has flown by!!

  3. How nice to see the way you inspire your students. Enjoy the wine!

  4. Your students sound like great fun. I love your colour wheel!

  5. What an untidy bunch - but turning out great blocks!!
    October can't come too soon x

  6. Oh those tumbling blocks are stunning! Well done ladies! Jxo

  7. Very impressive tumbling blocks! Your workshop looks like lots of fun.

  8. Wowzers, your students are good although I suspect thety have a pretty amazing teacher!

  9. Looks like a great set of classes, glad they're all going well! Did you introduce any wine before the FMQ? I've heard it helps ;o)

  10. oh wow i love the colour wheels, so effective! and hst are my favourite, so many combinations, a great way to teach quilting :)
    Jessie, x



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