Monday 17 September 2012

As one door closes.......

...another one opens! No more Zakka for me to sew along with, but instead I have jumped right into another sew a long, this time, with the lovely Leanne from She Can Quilt. We are following the Mod Pop pattern by Julie - {pattern available here}and for some inexplicable reason, probably to do with the size of our bed, I have opted to do the Queen sized quilt - eek!!
When I saw Leanne's version of this quilt, I was hooked. I know, all those curves, but sometimes you have to have a wee challenge in life.......
So today, I made a start on cutting into fabric - my choices were a bit serendipitous - I found about 3m of a creamy beige, just patterned and no more, fabric, in my stash - I don't really have large quantities of anything in my stash so this was a bonus.
Recently I bought some furnishing fabric to make a small Roman blind for our shower room, which is located just off our bedroom - both rooms are yet to be tackled in the general makeover that we have been undertaking since moving here 2 yrs ago. So, the fabric for the blind was kind of beachy, we live by the sea, so my colours were coming to me........add to the mix, a Lucy's Crab Shack charm pack, a Pure charm pack and I was off and running. I have added in some more yardage -
I don't think I have enough yet, but plenty to be going on with. My plan is to make my background scrappy, but co-ordinated, and the focal fabric, the cream.I don't know about others here in the UK, but a pattern calling for 7yds of anything is quite daunting from a cost point of view so I am happier going down the drips and drabs route.
Meanwhile, earlier in the day, full of Monday morning vim & vigour, I set to and started the quilting on my Velocity strippy quilt. You might recall I am making this in three long sections & each section is double sided, comprising two of the Velocity prints.
So, some stats from today's wee session. The section is 2.25yds long and 25" wide. I used Aurifil 50wt cotton thread, colour 2600, a lovely soft grey that is perfect for this fabric - thank goodness for 1300m reels - I filled and used 3 bobbins.
I quilted 38 vertical, but not strictly parallel, lines - very liberating, no marking required.
And then I quilted 63 horizontal lines in groups of three - I will admit to getting "my skirt caught in my knickers" for a few inches along one side, but a few sweary words later, all was resolved.
 I love the look when straight lines cross each other, I think it reminds me of chocolate bars.
 For those interested in such things, I use Hobbs 80/20, love it, I pin but don't baste and I found this quilt panel did not "creep" as I feared it might, dealing with such length. I also ran my iron lightly over it before starting to quilt - I find it almost sticks the layers together.
And finally - towards the end of my 2.5 hour quiltathon, Lily, my beloved machine, was sounding a bit rough so it was time for a little TLC.
                                                   Almost as good as squeezing a spot!


  1. I LOVE your strippy strip, adore it in fact!!!
    I also love your colour scheme for the QAL and am in complete agreement about 7yds of something needing to be bought in dribs and drabs - no way could I buy that all in one go!!
    P.S. I hope no one in class gets their skirt caught in their knickers, it's not something to be done in public ;o)

  2. I am going to have a go at the Mod Pop quilt along but haven't got the fabric sorted yet! do like your quilting on your velocity stripy quilt. It is kind of boring going up and down such a long length. Thanks for the tip about ironing lightly over the quilt to make the layers stick together. I will try that the next time I need to buy some wadding. As for squeezing a spot….I know what you mean! Di x

  3. Oh yes I love a spot of de-fluffing!

  4. Gross but i know what you mean :) I really love the quilting!

  5. Laughed at the idea of you with skirt in knickers - but the pustulation was a spot too far!

    Love the quilting though!

  6. I LOVE that quilting. It makes me want to go stroke it. I know exactly what you mean about the 7 yards thing. If any pattern calls for more than two yards of any one fabric I usually decide I can live without it. Hmmm I wonder how someone like me made it into Bee A Brit Sting ;-)

  7. 7 yards? Youch! But the scrappy background sounds like a plan. Loving where Velocity's going

  8. 7 yards sounds like needing a cheap ikea duvet cover to me! Love the velocity x

  9. Know what you mean about the 7yards, especially as I have to factor in postage to Latvia too! Have discovered though a local bedlinen factory who sell plain cotton of various weights for around £2 per metre so you can guess where I go for backing fabric now :)

    Love how the quilting lines remind you of chocolate bars, were you suffering from chocolate withdrawal symptoms at the time, perhaps??

  10. I love your Mod Pop choices and your colour plan sounds lovely. I also love all that quilting. I clean my machine at least once a week, it seems to be that fluffy most times and sounds so much happier after cleaning.



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