Sunday 2 September 2012

I Did It...

I'm talking about this week's Zakka project, the framed purse. I have been reading many enthusiastic posts on how addictive these framed purses are, I knew it was an upcoming project and picked up a lovely little frame while I was on holiday. It wasn't exactly the size required in the book.
Then on Monday we discovered the size in the book was a misprint and the correct frame was available online, from Canada I think - a bit late for completing within the week, so I downloaded the very comprehensive instructions on UHandbag, also read a good tutorial somewhere.
It would seem I needed to draft my own pattern.
The one in the Zakka book had pleats which in itself is not a problem but I couldn't figure out how to size my fabric correctly so just missed that out.
As one or two others commented also, there were no helpful, step by step pictures in the book either....hmmm.
So I got my fabric chosen from old scraps, thought it suited the frame. It said in the book to use wadding and interfacing but I was worried that might all prove a bit bulky so ditched the interfacing. I quilted the wadding to the outer fabric and constructed the purse body.
Almost gave up at that point - how it would fit the wee frame was beyond me...........but I persevered and had a go - the Guttermann glue is definitely the business, worth every penny.

I think it looks ok. I think I have made the body a bit too pouffy.

and I am not happy with the bit underneath the hinges. I think I should have re-stitched it to a better shape but couldn't face it.

and then, my daughter came round today and totally unprompted, declared that it was lovely and was a perfect evening bag size. I was quite chuffed.


  1. teehee I love your pouffy body and your daughter is perfectly correct!

  2. Looks smashing - definitely worth the effort xxx

  3. Oh Sheila it looks great - lovely vintage feel to it and would make a great evening bag. I'm sure my first purse had a similar problem. I put a few tiny stitches in that are virtually invisible and closed up the little gaps. I couldn't face resewing either! No wonder your daughter wanted this!

  4. Love that shape, and the quilting is perfect for it. It's lovely.

  5. Well done S! These aren't my favourite things to make because the finish is so tricky to get right, but good to get a seal of approval from your daughter at least! Jxo

  6. Totally gorgeous!
    Its funny how we find faults with our "babies" that others dont notice!

  7. I think it looks great, but must state that having made a framed purse, I am never doing it again. Too fiddly and irritating for me.

  8. What a beautiful bag and the fabrics are just perfect

  9. You have done a brilliant job. That glue is the business but it is scary if it goes where it shouldn't. Di x

  10. Yes, they are a bit addictive! I usually turn my purses through, so the bit at the hinges isn't raw, however it can get a tad bulky to get in the frame o.O

  11. I think your daughter is spot on! I'm currently battling a fortune cookie clutch for a friend - not liking these frame purses as much as i thought!

  12. I love it, and the frame compliments the fabric perfectly.



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