Friday, 14 September 2012

Bee A Brit Stingy

Bee a Brit stingy
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I have huge pleasure in co-announcing a new Bee on the block -  Bee A Brit Stingy!
When other Brits formed a Bee last year I wasn't quick enough off the mark to join in. I love the way friendships have grown over the months and was really interested in perhaps joining a Bee.
I was a wee bit wary about some less than happy stories about members not coming through with the goods so I tentatively asked a couple of blog pals, Helen & Nicky if they fancied setting up a Bee with me.
For those of you reading this who are not familiar with the concept, a Bee usually comprises about 12 members. Each person is Queen Bee for a month and provides fabric to all the other Bees to make one or two blocks to her specifications. During the other months you would then make blocks for the other Bees.
Our Bee is going to be more frugal than normal - only to be expected from two Scots and a Northern Lass!!
We expect to make our blocks from scraps and stashes, trying our best to please the Bees with their colour preferences. I am sure we might have to buy an odd fat 1/4 along the way but no initial, large outlay will be required and we won't have to worry about losing precious fabric.

Nicky & I are taking part as Bees but Helen prefers to assist, and thank goodness for that - her techie skills are brilliant and she has come up with our brilliant button. Feel free to grab the link if you fancy it on your blog too.

The full list of Bees are -
Miss January - Lucy @
Miss February - Emily @
Miss March - Jan @
Miss April - Di @
Miss May - Catherine @
Miss June - Colette @
Miss July - Sheila @
Miss August - Nicky @ 
Miss September - Karen @
Miss October - Erin @
Miss November - Charlotte @
Miss December - Janet @ - Janet hasn't got a blog yet (we are working on her) but you might know her as jintymaginty on Flickr!

We have set up a flickr group where you might want to watch our progress. The Bee proper doesn't begin until January but in the meantime we are getting to know one another by having a nice, gentle, pincushion swap!!

SO excited!!


  1. Yey! Good luck with your new Bee - you've got some great members there. The Brit Bee-ers really have started something!

  2. What a wonderful post - I'm blushing!! I'm also really excited to see what you all make as you're all fabulous quilters!

  3. Its such a great little group, can't wait to get started!

  4. Can I just say I'm really excited too! Yeah!

  5. good luck everyone. I was about to email Helen to find out about how you join Bees after seeing her Flickr logo and asking for comments. too late for this so could do with tips to find out how I find myself a home. Sounds like you will have a lot of fun

  6. Woohoo! Hope you enjoy your Bee - sounds like a fun and frugal plan!

  7. Bee-rilliant idea! Lovely group of ladies too! Jxo

  8. I'm sure you'll all be perfectly stingy together, looking forward to seeing what you all come up with :o)

  9. Something to look forward to next year (lurking on your bees) !

  10. I am excited for you girls. I am in a new Aussie paper piecing bee called Wombat Stew on Flickr. I will keep my eye on what you all do.

  11. You have put together such a talented and fun group!



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