Thursday 28 July 2011

Blogger's Block

Have not been in right frame of mind this week for blogging, not sure why, probably too busy making
I have my first workshop of the new season coming up on Sunday - it's Christmas in July and those coming along this year will be the first to try my very own creation - it's an Advent Postbox
I might even produce a saleable pattern for this if there is any demand ...........might even manage to produce a better pic!!
I thought some of you out there might like to see some of the progress being made by the lovely ladies who are participating in my Mystery QAL - join in any time HERE
With their kind permission, here are some shots of the unfolding mystery............
So these have been made by Jennifer, who blogs over at The Enchanted Bobbin. - aren't they looking good together?
And these are from Hadley over at Flying Blind on a Rocket Cycle - same blocks, so different, that is the Magic of the Mystery QAL!!!!

Great job ladies, keep going............
.........more progress reports later.


  1. Yay! It's so great to see two sets of these blocks, side by side...and I am really flattered to have my own set placed in such good company :) Thanks Sheila!!

  2. Hi Sheila, I tried to email you, but couldn't find your email address...I live in Sth Australia (Berri in the Riverland to be precise). What I'm wondering, is if I could gain your permission to use your Mystery Quilt along at the Quilting Group I go to please? I will host it, but give you full credit as the designer. If you're not happy with me doing it, then I won't, but it would be much appreciated if you give your permission, and I can email you pics (or pop them on my blog with a link to your blog) of the quilts at the end. Thanks for your time in reading my comment. Hugs Naomi



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