Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sheila Goes Modern - Episode 3

Ok, so now I have 27 blocks - 4 are duds, but as luck would have it, I only need 23 for the quilt front and the duds, which have not worked out to the right size, can be trimmed down and will "float" on the back.
I had a frustrating time with batch 3 - made a wrong cut somewhere and did quite a bit of reverse sewing. Still a very quick project tho' - if I hadn't stalled I would basically have all blocks ready to join inside 3 hours, well say 4 hours as I have yet to cut the plain.
In the pic above is some yardage of white cotton I bought in Mauritius 4yrs ago when I fantasised about doing some dressmaking - huh, never going to happen. Weight wise, I think I could just about get away with it on the front but I think it will do well on the back. It has self cloured embroidery all over it so nicely textured.
Now here's the question - when I popped my white cotton against the blocks the white in the blocks suddenly doesn't look bright white - so is there a particular white you would recommend to me, all you Kona fans??


  1. Oh there are so many shades of white. Kona snow is a 'not too bright' white, but you might be safer getting a swatch of it first to compare. Blocks are looking great. Jxo

  2. I have no idea about the white, sorry, but the blocks are magnificent!

  3. I have just bought some Kona white and some WHITE from my local shop, and the Kona is quite a bit more "yellow." Don't know how this helps , because obviously I don't know how that would compare with yours!
    Love these modern squares though. I think Shiela does modern very well!

  4. From what I've read online, Kona Snow seems to be the one people pick if they want an off white white.. Havent seen it myself though!

  5. I'm a fan of Bella Solids white, it's white. that's what I've used on the floral bouquet blocks.

  6. Does it have to be white? If it needs to be white, I would take a block with me to the store and lay it on lots of different whites. I love buying fabric online, but not if I'm trying to match colors. (It only takes me 30 minutes to get to a fabric store, though. I know it's not so easy for everyone.)

  7. Uhooi,,
    Wow,, It works great, beautiful and creative,,

  8. I'm also a fan of Moda Bella white so I'm afraid I can't help with Kona - the blocks are great, though!



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