Sunday 24 July 2011

Upping the Ante

No more nice Miss! It's the next instalment of the Mystery Quilt and this time I am increasing your workload!!
If you go to my Mystery QAL page HERE you will find the link to this week's instructions - there are two blocks to make this time, PLUS a little extra, what I call infill strips. The blocks in this Mystery are of different sizes and need a bit of help to become a whole quilt. In a couple of areas I have popped in panels of plaited fabric. Now when I originally did this project in class I was able to demonstrate plaiting so I am going to have a bash at a tutorial - this will be my first.
Select at least three different fabrics, cut into strips of 1 1/2" x 4 1/2".
Place two strips right sides together at right angles - stitch together using 1/4" seam.

Press open.
Place next strip across the seam just sewn, and stitch together.
Press open.
Continue adding strips on alternate sides until your strip is long enough for the infill strips - we will be trimming to 15 1/2" long so you need a good bit longer than this before trimming away the angles.It builds really quickly tho, so no complaining.
Now we need to think about trimming.
I have stuck a bit of masking tape along the 45 degree line on my ruler for the photo.....align this with the first seam line.
and cut.
Our strip needs to be 3 1/2" wide - a 3 1/2" ruler is obviously brilliant here, centre and trim both sides.
Now just the top to trim

Plaited strips can be put to use in lots of places - borders, strippy quilts, table runners etc. You can vary the width of strips you use and mix different width too, a great stashbuster. You can even cut blocks from a plaited strip.


  1. Oo-er I'm here and my 'bits' (of mystery quilt !!!!) are there ! I shan't be reunited with them for another week at least so I'll really have to go some to catch up ! School holidays and grandson to mind too ! Should be fun !
    I like that plaited strip - your tutorial is great - lovely and clear. Thanks for that.

  2. Oh I love it when you get all bossy! That plaited block is lovely, I've been meaning to do some of those for a while. Great tute Jxo

  3. Oh what! No complaining? That's not fair, boy you are bossy. I do my best work when I'm complaining, lol!
    That actually looks pretty easy and straight forward, says I before I even attempt to do it. Thanks for the pics and directions, I should be able to breeze through that. Now I just have to go and look at the star blocks, and start complaining quietly!

  4. I'm not doing the quilt along, but that is a brilliant idea for a border. Will remeber that for the future. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. this looks great, can't wait to give it a go. off to have a look at the next two blocks now!

  6. Fab tutorial Sheila! I was just needing some inspiration for a way to build up a Linus quilt and some of that will be perfect. It's got me wanting to start sewing after quite a break, so thanks. Hope you're finding time to enjoy the sun.

  7. fab dear if you would like to re post it in the future on sewwequilt...i just know the peeps there would love you to bits ....looks lovely

  8. I am making a quilt from cotton shirts. your tut saved me. I can only use small strips. thanks so very much



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