Saturday, 30 July 2011

For Sale

Once or twice in the past I have used my blog as a platform for a friend to sell her sewing machine - I realise that this will really only appeal to those of you who are fairly local but I think todays "offer" is too good not to share with you.
Both of the followng machines belong to a friend/former colleague.they are both Janome machines and she is parting with them to trade up to a new model.
First up - the Janome 6600 - this is a real workhorse, metal bodied beast of a machine - it suits being kept at home as it it really too heavy to cart about to classes. It  has heaps of stitches, memory, the wee man inside to cut your thread (officially known as an automatic thread cutter), a wide bed to take quilts, and it comes with an extension table.This machine also has a built in walking foot. This machine is about 3/4yrs old, is in very good condition, and the price asked is £650. (it currently retails at £1095)
I have two close friends who each have this model - they love it!
Next up is the Janome 300E - it is a dedicated embroidery machine - it will not perform as a sewing machine. This baby is for all the creative embroidery jobs you never thought you would be interested in! Having a separate embroidery machine in your sewing room means you can have it chugging away at one end of your sewing table while you happily quilt at the other end.Once you master these machines you can start to incorporate some embroidery into your quilts........Sew Materialistic also run classes in machine embroidery.
The 300E is the forerunner to the 350E current model that retails for £999. This machine is in great condition, is about 6yrs old and £350 is the asking price. It comes with customising software and a flash memory card.
(I have one of these machines in my "stable" - love it)
So that's the sales pitch - if anyone is interested please email me and I will forward to the seller for you to negotiate.

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  1. What a steal! Hope you get some buyers - they would be a great investment. Jxo



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