Friday 15 July 2011

Desperate for a Fix

After a difficult week, I managed to get into my sewing room late this afternoon for an hour or so.
 I am keen to get on with my DQS quilt and managed to cut and make the little HSTs - they will finish at 2" square and I made 30 of them.
I am working to quite a specific brief for this little quilt which is going to finish about 10" x 12", but I can't tell you any more cos it's a secret swap.
Meanwhile, I have recently become increasingly aware of what I can only describe as a hexie revolution. Those of you who know me in real life will know that I would probably choose to "bile ma heid in hot oil" rather than English Paper Piece - oh no, that would never be me.But secretly, a few years ago, I started a
B & W tumbling blocks project....I had delusions that it would magically transform into a boyish quilt.
Well...........I dug out that said project a couple of weeks ago, and I am sort of...oh I can barely say it........(enjoying it)

if I am not very careful, this could lead to - HEXAGONS and QALs and flickr groups, is there no end to the madness.........I need therapy.


  1. Hooray for English Paper Piecing! Keep an eye out on Jo/Bearpaw's blog cos she's thinking of getting an EPP QAL going. I'm in! Love EPP! Jxo

  2. It's catching, and I'm starting to get itchy fingers!

  3. I've already been bitten by the bug and I once said the same thing, well maybe not in a Scottish accent and quite that line (my head gets hot enough here with adding any boiling oil) but something similar in an Aussie accent, about never touching EPP.
    I absolutely love the tumbling blocks, and the stars look beautiful in those lovely soft greys and black.

  4. love the tumbling blocks and stars, very eye catching



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