Wednesday 12 October 2011

as one swap closes........

...another opens.
I managed a great piece of timing this week. On Monday night I put the finishing touches to my Scrappy Swap Goodie. I had made a log cabin block in colours that my partner indicated that she likes........I then bound the block and turned it into this rather frivolous, hanging bag to put stuff in piece of nonsense, but it was made entirely from scraps and stash.

The idea came from a more artistic version in an old Quilting Arts magazine, designed by Linda & Laura Kemshall who are both incredibly talented ladies. I did my C & G course with their Design Matters company online, way back in 2003 - their website link is on my left sidebar if you would like to take a look. They do a subscription TV show too now.
Anyway, mine was a bit less arty, but I did have fun embellishing with bits and bobs from my drawers (no knicker elastic tho).- I am hoping you can't make out the words on the label as I think it might give the game away to my partner.
So, all ready pretty much, to ship out towards the end of this month.
And then last night, got in from work to find our partners in the Brit Swap Pillow Fight have been allocated.
I have done a bit of stalking and feel a bit in awe of my partner but my brain is beginning to shift gears and an idea or two is forming...............
Meanwhie, amidst all this swapping I have returned to hexie heaven and produced a new small batch.
Isn't this a fun print?
As if the online swaps were not enough for me, I have persuaded many of my ladies in class to take part in a real life Secret Santa Swap.......those who are joining in are being allocated a secret partner and will make a small Christmas goodie for them. A bit of fun for the end of term...............

And lastly, Lynne from Lily's Quilts has come up with another idea, this tie to encourage us to share our ideas for Christmas gifts with friends and family........if you join in this ruse, you could win some rather nice goodies, this week she is giving away some yummy Aurufil threads.
Christmas Gifts for Quilters

Go on - press the button.


  1. Oh I like your hanging bag thingy it looks very pretty and 'different' as well as useful!

  2. Love your 'stuff and nonsense' bag - it would look lovely in any sewing room! Yeah for the hexies! I love the stripy one at the back - very nice! I'm guessing that if you're in awe of your partner then I'm not her...oh well...

  3. Eeek!! Just read back and realised you didn't call it a 'stuff and nonsense' bag at all...sorry! And I've just spotted the little dog on the front - cute!

  4. Love the hanging bag. I am so far behind on the hexies!

  5. Oh I need one of those bags, big enough to fit a small child or 2 in!! Great!

  6. Love the idea of that bag, very cool.

    Good luck with your swaps :o)

  7. Love the bag, gorgeous colours and design.

  8. That's exactly what I was thinking.... Stuffing kids in it!!!

  9. Oh I got distracted with your cool bag..
    I wanted to tell you I got my beautiful quilt!!!! Your quilting is AMAZING!!!!!!!!
    Thank you!



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