Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Crisp & Sunny

So, the sun is shining again today after two days of torrential rain and wind.
Monday was especially miserable - I spent the day in Glasgow with my old school pal from Edinburgh, we meet up every couple of months and despite the non-stop rain, we managed to visit our usual haunts and blether incessantly.
Today, I have been catching up on some blocks for Judith's Bee, hope to have these finished by the end of the week.
I have also added another four hexies to my wall - now have 70 done, the pace has slowed but I am determined to keep going, think I want to get to about 100 to make it a decent sized quilt. I have been a bit concerned that the muted look is really translating to dull and instead of throwing in whole white hexies, I tried mixing the white in with other fabrics.
I have also been deliberating over my cushion for the Brit Swap 2. Then when I was browsing some blogs the other night I came across a tutorial on Leila's and, mindful of my partner's likes, I thought this might just fit the bill........

I have pieced my cotton with a linen mix background which is, in real life, a pale, pale green. I really hope she likes the direction I am heading in......................


  1. Many thanks S for working on block for Bee Blessed, really appreciate it. I'm sure hexies look amazing altogether, and the last wee block is adorable, love the ducks/swans. Jxo

  2. still raining here!! I like the hexies mixed with white, they look great :)

  3. Oh the pale green is really nice. Pretty and fresh!

  4. I like your block for the brit swap

  5. Yes, it was rather nice to see the sun today! Looking forward to seeing what the hexies turn into, and love that cross block

  6. Love the hexies and your PF idea is lovely!

  7. Oh I spotted your cushion pin- isn't it lovely!
    Can't wait to see all the hexies x

  8. Love what you have been up to lately! The weather has been atrocious here hasn't it? My gladioli bulbs planted in August have just started flowering! What is going on here in Scotland????



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