Wednesday 26 October 2011

Time is Tight....... we approach Christmas, time seems to go faster doesn't it? I thought I'd share with you today, my go to, quick make when I need a wee hand - made something.The idea isn't originally mine, got it from years ago and have lost count of the number of these coasters that I have made.They are rdiculously quick to make but still I seem to have a lot of photos (really need to brush up my photography skills, my apologies in advance}

For 1 coaster you will need - six 5" squares, can all be different, 4 will show on top so you could go 2 + 2.....great for using odd charms. You also need one 5" square of flat wadding.(you will see one of my squares has a corner missing, doesn't matter)
 Choose the four squares you want to see on top of your coaster and press them in half, wrong sides together.(the missing corner has now disappeared inside a fold)
 Now assemble the remainng two squares & the wadding square - fabric wrong side up, wadding on top, then fabric wrong side down. The fabric you see now, on top, will end up on the bottom of your coaster.
 Now it's just an assembly job. Place 1st folded square down the right side of your "sandwich" with folded edge to inside, and raw edges out.
 Now place 2nd folded square across the top, fold to centre, raw edges even.
 Lift up the first strip you laid down and fit the 3rd strip under, fold to centre, raw edges even.
 So far, so good?
 Now, gently lift strip 3, and tuck the 4th strip under. All folds will meet in the centre and all raw edges should be even.
 And it should look like this.Pin thro all layers where the folded edges are and with pins pointing to edge so you can stitch over them.(sorry, forgot to take pic)
 Ready to sew now.If you have placed all your folded pieces in the sequence given, you will not have to fight seams. I like to start halfway along one side, use your walking foot and use its width as your seam allowance. These babies have a lot of layers that shift about a bit so don't even think of going for a 1/4" seam.
 Stitch all the way around until you are back at the start. Turn over to check that everything has been caught in your seam ok. Then clip corners.
 Looking good so far.........
Now wiggle your finger in thro the centre, and turn right side out - this is the magic reveal!!
 Using your weapon of choice, mine is a chopstitck, poke out your corners neatly.
 Ta da!! Press.
 These wee coasters make great with a mug full of sweeties all wrapped in cellophane, great for teachers. A pile of 4 or 6 tied with ribbon or raffia, a delightful hostess gift or for a work colleague perhaps?
These two are going in with my cushion to my partner in the Pillow Fight.
I hope you have a go and make some and if you do I 'd love to see you post a pic on my flickr group, bluepatch quilters.


  1. Oh I like these, what a great technique! Jxo

  2. love it and the use of a chop stick!!!! I need to try these sometime x

  3. I can feel a few coasters coming on. Thanks for sharing this with us. :o)

  4. Stop!! I'm so easily distracted! Must go and try this out right now. I have a stack of odd charm squares. I knew I was saving them for something.

  5. what a great idea, will be giving those a try!

  6. Those are so fun! Thanks for the tute! It's in my bookmark!

  7. Lucky partner! Great tutorial, thank you!

  8. Aren't you tricky - great idea! I always turn and hand sew the opening on the side, these would be much faster, and the folded bit means they would slightly thicker for absorbing my coffee/tea spills.

  9. Ooh, fab idea, love the magic 'turn it inside out' trick!

  10. Your coasters are wonderful.

    I've made dozens like this for gifts only I fold my squares in half diagonally. Otherwise they're identical.

    Great job!



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