Monday 24 October 2011

Happy Days

Not a bad day considering it was dull & wet........I got pressies -
one from a blogpal, and one from a real-life pal - thanks girls, love it all!!

After the excitement of doing my food shopping.......I got stuck into quilting my cushion for the Pillow Swap -

I also got the binding on tonight but the light is useless for a photo so will keep the finish for another day.
Last night saw another couple of hexies ticked off my total -
 and lastly, something from last week, month, decade.........I might have mentioned before that I collect and gather all the cotton cuttings that we normally throw in the bin. Running classes and working in a fabric shop means I have a bag or two every month - they go to a contact who has a contact (still with me?) who gives it all to a rag man for money! The money is given to the Mary's Meals charity, and I believe the rags go on to be transformed into toilet paper for the third world. So far, so good. Back before the summer one of the ladies in my classes, who has been with me from year 1, gave me a bag of such scraps........but they weren't tiny offcuts, they were REAL scraps, chunks way was I passing this lot on. I had a workshop planned for the end of September - Improv Day - where I planned to introduce those who came along, to the delights of Improvisational Piecing - in Margaret's bag there were scraps and orphan blocks, lots of goodies, she had just grown fed up looking at it all.
So the workshop came and went, a good day was had by all, and I played with Margaret's scraps.
The centre block was all but made, a failed Friendship Star that I converted to a Contrary Wife block, turned it on point and even found the setting triangles in the bag! The dodgy, wonky star is mine, not my finest hour.
It's not a beautiful piece of work, but no new fabric was harmed in its making. Even the back was a bit of recycled furnishing fabric.
I admit I was in two minds about handing it over to Margaret last week as I knew she had moved on a while ago from the fabrics used - I even recognise one print that she used in her first quilt back in 2004!!
Well, she seemed tickled by it - I suggested it could maybe be used as a mat under her sewing machine.
Sometimes it's fun to make something out of nothing, isn't it?


  1. What lovely friends you have Sheila - real and virtual! Your cushion is looking lovely and well done on upcycling the scraps!

  2. Love your PF cushion and raiding the rag bag was well worth it!

  3. Love that pink and white Hexie ! And what fun to have a bag of scraps to dig through !

  4. Ooh, yes, those pressies would have certainly perked up such a dreich day. Love the way the cushion's coming along, and great way to recycle those scraps!

  5. Oh clever you!
    Hexies and cushion looking great xx

  6. I think that's lovely! make do and make something useful :)

  7. And to think how much fun I have throwing those bits out. Between you and Judith, I am going to be coaxed into using them or giving them to someone who will. I love that you rescued the scraps and old blocks.

  8. Fantastic way to recycle, reuse and save those scraps!


  9. Oh I love the feeling of transforming something new from something old! Great end result. No wonder your friend was so pleased! Jxo

  10. The cushion is looking really good. I love the duck fabric in the middle.

  11. love your cushion Sheila - and lucky you with your postie delivery (again!!)



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